Sabina’s photo session

photo session

Photo session free sex stories During one of the weekend social gatherings my friend Sabina asked me about my old hobby – photography. I was a little surprised why she pursued this topic so much until she finally told me what was going on. For years, she had dreamed of a photo session with her participation, she wanted to make a collection of nude nudes, which she would not show to anyone, but would be able to remember her former beauty in her “old age”. She said it was her …

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Vacation and anal sex for the first time

anal sex for the first time

Vacation and anal sex for the first time. Sex blog with XXX stories Upon arrival we checked in and took the key to our apartment. The hotel was quite nice, the rooms were tidy, but the most beautiful was the bathroom. Spacious with a large bathtub. The trip didn’t tire us too much, so we freshened up a bit and went to eat dinner. I was hungry and I ate everything we ordered with great appetite. We drank a glass of wine for better digestion. After a hearty dinner, we …

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Sex in greeting

Sex in greeting

Sex in greeting Erotic story from I was tired after a year of tireless work. I was already looking forward to going back to my country, and more to my girlfriend. We haven’t seen each other for that long. I was hoping she missed me as much as I missed her. The day of return has come. I waited impatiently for the plane. Several hours passed and I was at the door of the apartment where Joasia was waiting for me. I was a bit sorry that she was …

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Dorota’s friend

Dorota's friend

Dorota’s friend – an erotic story for adults. For many years I felt almost indestructible until one day, during standard medical examinations ordered by my company, some irregularities were detected in me. So I was referred to a private hospital where I was to spend 10 days. My girlfriend Dorota, even though it has been a few days, has not even visited me. Generally, no one visited me, and due to the connected equipment, I had limited possibilities to use the phone. So I had a right to feel a …

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Women’s desires are still the same.

Women's desires

Women’s desires are still the same. What kind of man do women want? Increasingly, women are lonely and disappointed. Men, on the other hand, are more and more often hesitant and withdrawn. Female self-sufficiency causes “anxiety” in men, they often feel unnecessary. The women prick and the men let go.However, women’s desires have remained the same for many years. They dream of a tender, mentally mature, well-built man. It will be their support for a partner who will make the right decisions. The combination of strength and sensitivity. Is it …

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Home visit – sex with the doctor

sex with the doctor

Home visit – sex with the doctor Home visit – a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy. Home visit – a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy. A cool autumn has begun. Despite my malaise, I pored over papers from my office. I was considering calling a doctor because I felt a growing fever. The next day I felt even …

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Controlled betrayal, i.e. a perfect marriage.

Controlled betrayal

Controlled betrayal, i.e. a perfect marriage. erotic story When I moved into a new estate of single-family houses in a beautiful green setting, I met a rather peculiar couple, Tomek and Ewa. We exchanged a few courtesy visits over a glass of cognac or wine, but they were always quite strange due to their behavior.Ewa openly flirted with me, which Tomasz could not miss, but he did not care at all, and even if he liked it. At first I was embarrassed and tried to distance myself from these advances …

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Sex adventure at the seaside

Sex adventure

Sex adventure at the seaside – a story We went with a group of close and distant friends for a weekend spring trip to the seaside. There were 6 of us in total, including 2 girls whom I knew very little. But I liked Sandra of them, but I only exchanged a few sentences with her during the walks, because she mostly stayed close to Monika’s other girlfriend. One of my friends suggested going out together for a beer at a nearby pub, which everyone agreed. The pub was quite …

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Cuckolding or how I fucked Adam’s wife.

Cuckolding or how

Cuckolding or how I fucked Adam’s wife. – Erotic story Bored, I sat at home wondering what to do in the evening, and finally I had the idea of ​​visiting the old cottage that I used to visit years ago. I wasn’t even sure if it still existed, but it turned out to be so. I logged in with my old Nick, which surprisingly worked and started to look at what chick to hook up here.I picked up a couple of girls, but somehow the conversation was not sticky, although …

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Sex friend.

Sex friend

Sex friend. Erotic story Jolka has always been unprudent and direct, it did not surprise me that more than once, mainly on her initiative, we had sex, but our paths diverged some time ago. She moved to another part of Poland for good and I also changed my city to our capital. However, we kept occasional contact and more than once our conversations ended in a sharp mess, whether over the phone or some communicator. However, when one afternoon I received a sex text from her saying “Are we fucking?” …

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