Hard tram pounding with a stranger

tram pounding

Hard tram pounding with a stranger. Adult Stories On a beautiful sunny day, while standing at the tram stop, I noticed a man. Muscular with a dark complexion. He had beautiful brown eyes that turned my way. I could feel his eyes on me so I started walking around the stop. I walked back and forth, tempting him with my body and seducing him with a provocative gaze. I showed him that I want him and I like to fuck him hard. I was dressed in a skimpy shirt and …

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Exhibition – Erotic story


Exhibitionist sexual stories I think I will never forget this adventure, I thought that such things do not happen, and yet … but from the beginning … I really like evening walks in the summer along the alleys of a fairly large park that I have nearby. More than once I hear from my friends “you’ll finally see someone attack you”, but I didn’t bother talking about them and I visited the park almost every day, treating it as a daily dose of traffic. One Saturday evening I was in …

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