Multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasm

Multiple orgasm Orgasm – the moment of the strongest sexual excitement, accompanied by a strong experience of pleasure. Women experience this delight differently than men. The valuable information is that male orgasm is exactly on the verge of ejaculation, not during ejaculation. He is sometimes separated from him by fractions of a second, which is why it’s so hard to believe that they are two different things.Multiple orgasm means multiple orgasms that come together in quick succession. From a biological point of view, virtually every woman and every man has …

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Sex with a friend from work

Sex with a friend

Sex with a friend from work. Adult stories I work on the production line of one of the companies that have been established in recent years. Good work, but little time for friends. You know, the pace is good and the breaks are short. However, I noticed that one of my friends “caught my eye”. In fact, it turned out to be very specific and after a short conversation she invited me to her place. A colleague from work did not blame it, suggested a sex meeting. I admit that …

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Exhibition – Erotic story


Exhibitionist sexual stories I think I will never forget this adventure, I thought that such things do not happen, and yet … but from the beginning … I really like evening walks in the summer along the alleys of a fairly large park that I have nearby. More than once I hear from my friends “you’ll finally see someone attack you”, but I didn’t bother talking about them and I visited the park almost every day, treating it as a daily dose of traffic. One Saturday evening I was in …

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Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife.

Sex in the elevator

Sex in the elevator – a new version of the wife. Illustrated Erotic Stories This evening was really successful, I was returning with my wife from a joint dinner with friends, it was nearby, so we walked back to our house. We had a lot of humor, so it was going quite fast, we discussed, bursting out laughing every now and then.Here we are – I stated looking at the door to the staircase.The evening is over, it’s time to sleep – I added a little sadly, opening the door …

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August picnic

August picnic

August picnic adult sex stories The weather at the end of August was quite tolerable, so my girlfriend Jola and I had an idea to go on a picnic outside the city. I am not very much into such excursions, but decided to make an exception. The plan was simple, pack some wine and take the city bus as far as possible and then look for a nice clearing in the forest. Already after 30 minutes we were on some suburban forest boo. Even quite quickly we found a clearing …

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Football fan

Football fan

Football fan Erotic Story I was sitting at home a little impatient. A colleague from work was about to come over. Coincidentally, during the lunch break, we agreed that she was a football fan and we agreed from word to word to watch the match of our national team. Overall, I wasn’t a fan of football, but if you saw it, you would also become a fan of any sport that interests it. I just wanted to spend some time alone with her. A young, attractive girl who dresses sexy …

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Hot Flirty – The best dating sites

Hot Flirty – The best dating sites Comparison site for sex dating sites. We invite you to visit the new dating site comparison engine. Fast and free registration for each of the presented dating sites and a large selection of possible partners, do not need to present more advantages of this portal? 🙂 Choose the right portal for you and register and you will surely meet interesting people of the opposite sex. Online dating is an ideal way to meet someone with the same preferences, e.g. sexual preferences or matching …

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Sex History part 7. Night fun.

Night fun

Sex History part 7. Night fun. I sat tired and bored after working all week. It was a hard week and the last meeting with Ania did not give me peace as well, I couldn’t see what to think about it. Since then, the silence hasn’t called or texted, apparently she didn’t have time or was just plain stupid. In the moment I least expected, I heard the doorbell ring and laughter at the door. What’s up, I haven’t dated anyone. Ania also rather anticipated her visits. I walked quickly …

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Morning surprise

Morning surprise

Saturday morning surprise – Erotic story It was Saturday morning so we allowed ourselves to sleep longer, almost until 10 am. I barely opened my eyes felt that the morning erection was bigger than usual, therefore not wanting to show a sticking cock I waited patiently for Dorothy to get up to dress discreetly. However, Dorota, barely opening her eyes, screamed: – Wake up! Saying this, she ripped the covers off us and immediately saw the “tent” in mine shorts. “Well we have here …” She asked cheerfully, reaching for …

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Going to the cinema – sex adventure

sex adventure

sex adventure Erotic stories Because of this Covid-19 my social life was completely dead, it was never too intense, but I ran into some parties or went out, at least to the cinema or to a cafe, and now it was a complete flop. I decided to change it and at least go to the cinema, which they opened, but supposedly it was empty. Not only due to restrictions, but also poor premieres that many film studios have transferred to digital platforms instead of cinemas. I invited my friend Monika …

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