Christmas gift – unexpected sex.

Christmas gift

Christmas gift – unexpected sex. Christmas gift. – I heard these words at the end of the evening. I was a satisfied single 35 years old. I couldn’t complain about the poor social life. I loved having fun and everyone knew it. The forms of play didn’t matter. The main thing is to have fun and be safe. With an emphasis on safe, I had no intention of getting infected with anything. I loved both soft and rough sex. I’ve known a lot of women willing to have sex. However, …

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Evening visit

Evening visit

Evening visit sex story When I heard the knock, I was a bit surprised, it’s quite late, and it’s Saturday, and someone is knocking on the door. I thought that a neighbor had a problem, but when I opened the door I saw a friend with whom we see each other once in a while. – Hi! – I greeted her with a smile She stood on the threshold. – You are alone? She asked uncertainly – Well, as always. – I muttered a bit sarcastically, because in fact I …

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Weronika’s visit

Weronika's visit

Weronika’s visit Erotic Story I was working out at the home gym when I was surprised by the intercom ringing. My blood pressure jumped right away. I don’t like it when someone interrupts my training. I looked at the intercom screen in front of the door there was a girl who could hardly be called a friend. She worked in my colleagues’ company and was introduced to me at some corporate event.– Invite. – I said opening the magnetic lock.– Hi. – She greeted at the door.– Hi. I replied …

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An evening of pleasure

An evening of pleasure

An Evening of Pleasure – an erotic story My friend and I had an appointment to have sex, for the first time, without any further ado, we just decided to spend our time indulging in all sex pleasure. We did not want to get rid of inhibited by alcohol and have fun without additional stimulants. I was curious to see how open we would be “sober”. The whole evening was supposed to be full of sex and pleasure, not a few minutes of sex. Dorota came to me, as usual, …

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Cyberpunk 2069 – Lost Lon part 2

Cyberpunk 2069

Cyberpunk 2069 – Lost Lon part 2 Part 2 of the short story Last night in a cell When the cell door opened right after the evening roll-call and I saw three guards in the door, I knew very well what awaited me. I owed them something, they made my time quite bearable and safe, but something for something. I gave them what they wanted, that is sex, each had different whims, but the luxury of intimacy was not here, but they did not shy away from fucking me in …

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CYBERPUNK 2069 – The missing Lona


Erotic Story CyberPunk 69 – Lost Lona Part 1 Deal you can not throw away I had been in the cell for a good year, but despite the Spartan conditions, I did not complain. For beating a bodyguard of an influential Vega family, I could have got much more than 5 years, but Lona, the oldest daughter of the Vegs, protected me, and it was because of her that I ended up here. In 2069, the world was more complicated than it might seem, cyber-corporations ruled, providing a bored society …

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Sex in the subway

SEX IN THE SUBWAY Illustrated Erotic Story It was almost 3 o’clock in the morning when I and my girlfriend left the nightclub party as one of the last ones. We did not order a taxi, because the metro station was close and the stop was close to the house. When we got into the car, 3 more people got on with us. The couple is quite drunk and very cheerful, and a lonely girl. It looked like we were all coming back from some Friday parties. The couple stood …


Photo Session in my home

photo sesion

Photo session at my home. Erotic story Photography has always been my hobby, everyone knew my passion, so I was not surprised when a colleague from work asked if I would take a photo session of her. Of course, I gladly agreed, but she only said that she did not want an outdoor session, only in the atelier. Although my home photo studio was amateurish, it was suitable for such sessions. We made an appointment with me on Friday evening. I did not ask for details of what he expected, …

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Home party – EROTIC STORY

Home party

Home party – EROTIC STORY A friend invited me to a party at his new home. The house made a good impression, but I didn’t feel very comfortable at the party, because apart from the host, I didn’t know anyone. Alcohol was flowing in streams and the company was more and more relaxed. When, after having had a drink, I decided to use the toilet, I had the idea that I should go to the second floor, where there was a bathroom, which was definitely not occupied by drunk company. …

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A busy evening

Erotic story - Busy evening

Erotic story – Busy evening A social meeting with Ania was supposed to be a busy evening, because we were supposed to talk “about work after work”. However, the direction of the talks deviated from the topic and instead of work, we started talking about music, life problems, etc. Finally, wine appeared on the table and the topic of work was completely relegated to the background, or rather pushed to another meeting, because who is sane talks about work during the weekend 🙂 – at least we have come to …

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