Evening sex adventure

Evening sex adventure

Evening sex adventure Erotic Stories I wondered why men are so often dissatisfied with sex. I talked to my friends who had similar dilemmas. I didn’t understand them, I didn’t understand myself, I didn’t understand dissatisfied men. I wanted to be a 35-year-old happy with my life. Unfortunately, somewhere there was a dissatisfaction, a lack of full satisfaction, and life was quickly slipping away. I decided to change something, surprise my man, chase away the routine from the bedroom.I quit my job earlier and sent the kids to their parents. …

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Football fan

Football fan

Football fan Erotic Story I was sitting at home a little impatient. A colleague from work was about to come over. Coincidentally, during the lunch break, we agreed that she was a football fan and we agreed from word to word to watch the match of our national team. Overall, I wasn’t a fan of football, but if you saw it, you would also become a fan of any sport that interests it. I just wanted to spend some time alone with her. A young, attractive girl who dresses sexy …

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My boyfriend’s crash

My boyfriend's crash

My boyfriend’s crash. Sexxystories.com erotic stories I was turning 30, I was in a relationship with an attractive man who did not want to change his life. A loose, informal relationship was enough for him. We have been together for 5 years. It didn’t bother me either, but I wanted to start a family. I earned very well, I had a small house. I did, because at the age of 28 I repaid the loan. My guy didn’t add a single zloty to it, but I always said it was …

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Sex History part 7. Night fun.

Night fun

Sex History part 7. Night fun. I sat tired and bored after working all week. It was a hard week and the last meeting with Ania did not give me peace as well, I couldn’t see what to think about it. Since then, the silence hasn’t called or texted, apparently she didn’t have time or was just plain stupid. In the moment I least expected, I heard the doorbell ring and laughter at the door. What’s up, I haven’t dated anyone. Ania also rather anticipated her visits. I walked quickly …

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Sex Stories part 3

Sex Stories part 3

Sex Stories part 3 erotic illustrated stories After yesterday’s shower with Ania, I couldn’t concentrate, there was no sex and at the same time there was more than in some of the night games. I decided to call her because I was thinking more and more about her and our very intimate situations. “Hi, it’s me,” I said quite confidently. – Hi PaweĊ‚ek – she greeted me warmly. – You’re alone? – I asked to be sure, I wanted to move last night. – Yes, I’m alone. What? – Nothing, …

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