My neighbor’s dildo

My neighbor's dildo

My neighbor’s dildo – sex story This story is true enough that I find it funny too, so I want to answer it. In a block of flats on the same floor I had a student named Dorota, a young neighbor who rented a small apartment for the duration of her studies. We always greeted nicely in the stairwell and she asked me several times for small favors, such as picking up the package from the courier when she was gone, or help with the failure of the flush in the toilet / water was flowing in a stream and …

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Meeting – sex story.

Meeting - sex story.

Meeting – sex story. My wife Hania met Iwona at work, they were the same age, so they started to spend a lot of time together. In the end, my wife decided to make a social gathering in four, that is My / Ja I Hania / and Iwona with her husband. I was quite tired after working for a week but finally gave in and we made an appointment with them for Saturday. Not only because I was tired, I didn’t really like it, but also because somehow I never liked my wife’s friends. Saturday meeting We made an …

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