Meeting – sex story.

Meeting – sex story.

My wife Hania met Iwona at work, they were the same age, so they started to spend a lot of time together. In the end, my wife decided to make a social gathering in four, that is My / Ja I Hania / and Iwona with her husband. I was quite tired after working for a week but finally gave in and we made an appointment with them for Saturday. Not only because I was tired, I didn’t really like it, but also because somehow I never liked my wife’s friends.

Saturday meeting

We made an appointment with them for the evening, because the plan was that they would stay with us for the night. We spent Saturday morning cleaning, because none of us had too much time to take care of the house all week. I had not seen my wife’s friend or her husband with my eyes before, which I knew about them only from my wife’s stories, but I was not very curious about them. I was just following my wife’s request.

We made an appointment with them on 19, they arrived very punctually. Iwona Paweł’s husband looked like a well-built rocker, not a manager in a large company, and that was what he was doing, but Iwona, well … that my wife did not tell me, she was a very attractive woman.

After getting to know each other and having a hearty dinner, we opened a bottle of wine and started discussions on various topics. However, my wife mainly talked to Paweł, so I talked to Paweł’s wife. The meeting was becoming more and more casual, probably due to the alcohol drunk, because there was already a 3 bottle of wine on the table, which our guests had brought.

My wife discussed so much at the table with Iwona’s husband that I had to take the initiative by dealing with the service of her guests. Yvonne did not leave me one step and went to the kitchen with me, collecting dishes at the same time drinking a lot of wine.

My wife and husband Iwona paid no attention to us at all. Iwona, strongly inserted, pointing with a gesture of her head, said quietly “so talkative that I do not know if they would notice how to be fucked on this table.”

I laughed at a rather sharp joke and Iwona started to get going. When we were in the next room, she was holding me quite intimately and I was smiling, not really knowing how to react to it.

Eventually, in the kitchen, with such an embrace, her thigh lifted slightly and she began rubbing it against my crotch.

“What are you doing?” – I asked cheerfully, the alcohol did its job and I treated the whole situation as an innocent flirtation.

“I’m rubbing and what don’t you feel?” She asked, looking me straight in the eyes.

“I feel” – I replied, adding: “It will be a scandal soon …”

“Stop, they said that they don’t care about us, and I don’t care about you …”


“I like you,” as she said that, her leg pressed tighter against my crotch. My cock reacted and after a while I had a full erection.

“I guess you like me too?” She said with a smile.

This is not what I expected

The atmosphere became very exciting, I wanted to not look at anything to fuck her. I could barely control myself, she was provocative and very sexy. When we went to the kitchen she hugged me again saying:

“We have to exchange telephone numbers …”


“Yes, and we’ll talk …”

“What are we going to talk about?” – I asked although I knew exactly what it was going to.

“Let’s go on the phone …”

“About what?” – I asked further provoking

“Mm, for example, about how I blew your dick today”

“I think I missed something because I don’t remember anything like that.” I replied with a smile.

“Because it hasn’t happened yet, but it is going to happen.”

“It’s rather impossible. Your husband and my wife are next door”

In the distance you could hear the merry voices of our spouses. Under normal circumstances, I would probably be jealous, but now that Iwona was rubbing against me, I didn’t care.

Suddenly I felt him unbutton my pants and slide his hand into my pants.

“What are you doing?” I said in an excited voice, but also scared.

“Like what’s around you, your dick. Anyway, it is quite large. I wonder what it tastes like … “

“Come on, there will be a scandal.”

“The scandal will be if I leave you with such an erection. Then your wife will certainly use it at night, but I want to take advantage of it. “

“Rather, I will not fuck you here” – I replied more and more excitedly and Iwona started without undoing my pants, gently moving my hand and slapping my dick.

“It’s a pity, because I would put my asshole here, leaning on the kitchen counter …” she whispered in my ear, playing with my dick faster and faster “

“Stop it, or I’ll come …” – I whispered without conviction.

“What would a woman be for me if you didn’t come now …”

“I’m really going down …”

“That’s what I mean … saying that, she opened the zipper on my pants to make more room for her hand.

Despite the excitement, I listened if our other halves did not move from the table, but the discussion continued, loud and cheerful.

So I focused on the pleasure that Iwona gave me. I don’t even know when and my dick was completely outside, then she whispered in my ear “have a minute” and crouched down against my dick.

After a while, she felt him feel good in her mouth, and it didn’t take me even a minute to shoot a stream of sperm into her mouth. She swallowed quickly and licked her cock. She straightened up smiling, kissing me on the lips.

“Fasten your pants …” – she said and I shuddered as I torn from lethargy and quickly put my dick into my pants, fastening the fly.

Before I cooled down, my wife stood in the doorway.

“What are you in this kitchen alone?”

“We stand and talk,” I replied, confused.


“What wine?” I asked surprised.

“Give me the wine because it’s over.” – Oh, I replied reaching into the cupboard.

After a while my wife disappeared and we heard voices of intense discussion again.

“So what are you gonna give that phone number?” She asked

“Sure, we already have something to talk about.” – I joked referring to the previous exchange of views.

“You mean that quick blowjob?”


“We won’t talk about it, no kidding, we’ll just arrange some fucking. I’m counting on you to fuck my kitty hard. “

“OK good”

“Then let’s go back to them … you are relaxed, are you?”


“It’s wonderful. ”- smiling, she turned on her heel, heading for the living room.

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