I sucked the teacher

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I sucked the teacher

I had a problem with physics already in middle school, so it was not better in high school. The last year of physics is left, unfortunately they changed their teacher. I will not say that I did not study because it was not like that. I spent a lot of time with her. Our new teacher was quite nice but very demanding. I didn’t sleep at night for fear of failing this year. I found out that there are extra classes in physics. I signed up right away, hoping that it would give me something and I could do physics. The classes were much more interesting than the lessons, and in fact I began to slowly understand something. There weren’t many people attending. It happened that I was alone, but even then the physicist did not cancel the classes, but explained what I did not understand. A few times I found myself staring at him and he was starting to “spin”. The physicist must have noticed this as he was getting looser and looser. Three months of extra lessons had passed, the physics had been mastered, the end of the year was approaching. Last extra class, I opened the door, there was no one in the classroom. I heard:
– I invite you to my most persistent and kindest student.

I walked in and pulled out my notes. I didn’t feel like taking lessons, felt strangely excited. I don’t know why, but I wanted my physicist. I looked at him with lust and adoration. With a little uncertainty, I got up and approached him. I was wearing a light dress because the heat started. I leaned over and brushed him with my burning lips. He chided me with his gaze, but was not surprised. I leaned in again, but this time more forcefully. I reached my hand to his fly, his penis was already at attention. It was a green light for me. I started massaging him and getting more into his fly.
He got up nervous:
– You can’t! Do you know what the consequences may be? You are an adult, but I am your teacher!
– Nobody will know about it. Just close the door and follow the scream. I want to give you a suck. Can I?
It probably sounded weird, I didn’t care. I put my hand on his fly again to confirm my words. My physicist headed for the door. I heard him insert and turn the key.
– You wanna? Closed. Now suck me off.

I approached him without words. I obediently unbuttoned the fly and pulled out the protruding cock all the time … Without a moment’s thought, I began to lick it. His cock tasted delicious. I put my lips around him, he liked it. I put it deeper and started massaging the testicles with my hand. I was a bit uncomfortable so I knelt down. The sight excited him even more.
– Suck your cock, bitch!
I did not expect such words, but they did not bother me. I suckled eagerly and put it deeper into myself. In the meantime, I pulled out and licked swollen eggs. I put them in my mouth one by one and rubbed his cock with my hand. The moment I put it in my mouth, he pressed my head against him. He started fucking me like in a pussy, I have never experienced this before. This turned me on very much, juices started leaking out of my pussy. I felt my panties wet. He “fucked” me faster and faster, I kept massaging his testicles. I wanted to feel his cock in my pussy but I knew it wouldn’t be so I focused on enjoying what I had at the moment.
– Stand up please!
I got up and he sat me on the bench. He bent down, gently revealed my skimpy panties and began to lick my pussy. I felt like in paradise, I immediately became even wetter, which gave him satisfaction. He stuck his tongue deeper and deeper, sucking the juices. I didn’t have much experience, it was the second guy to touch me. I felt great pleasure, my pussy was crazy with pleasure. I felt the coming orgasm, the physicist did not stop, he slipped his finger into his horny pussy, and then another one. He licked me and moved his fingers, I moaned with pleasure. I think he felt pussy contractions, because he smiled, and after a while he reached out his fingers and licked my swollen pussy much more gently. He straightened up:
– Did you enjoy it?
I didn’t answer anything, I felt a bit embarrassed. He reached for a small chair, I sat on it and he put his cock in my mouth without hesitation. Without any fuss, he moved me around as before. Relaxed, I totally indulged in this pleasure. He fucked me rhythmically. After a while, I felt a stream of warm sperm on my mouth.
– Lick my dick!
I did it immediately. The first time I had cum in my mouth, I licked everything. I got up and went to wash my face. Fortunately, there was a small sink in the classroom. I’ve brought myself to order. – You are a learned student. – He said with a smile on his face.
For me, this text was not nice.
– Was something wrong?
On his way to the door he said:
– Of course not. It was very nice. If you want, we can repeat it someday, but already with me.
– Okay, I’d love to.
I put notebooks in a bag, and I had only one thought in my head – not only did I suck my teacher, he licked me so well that I had an orgasm. I took my bag in my hand and headed for the exit. Before the physicist opened the door, he whispered:
– Do not stress, it was very good, you dunk well and you are very tasty.
Saying this, he kissed my neck and opened the door. After these words, I left embarrassed.


Adult service

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