Sexy cousin

Sexy cousin

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My distant cousin, Justyna, announced a visit for the weekend. I didn’t know her well, but I remember that she was cheerful and very pretty. We met a couple of times for family gatherings and I invited her over for a weekend once, but that was a few years ago. Now she was 25 and the last time I saw her was 3 years ago, so in a way my invitation was long time-out. I was sure that she didn’t mean to visit me, just to have somewhere to stay. She certainly had some plans in the relationship that she would spend the weekend in a big city, because she came from a small town and, as far as I know, she rarely left.

When she showed up, she greeted me as usual with a smile and a kiss on the cheek.
– Finally I got away for a couple of days!
– What do you want? How will you spend your time? – I inquired.
– Today I’m going to a party with my friends and tomorrow maybe we’ll go somewhere together?
– No problem, I have all day off.
Justyna unpacked my luggage in the guest room and I went back to work on the computer.
When evening was approaching, Justyna appeared at the door of my room.
– And how? – She asked showing what she was wearing for the party.
She was dressed in a fairly short skirt and a tight blouse through which it was clearly visible that she was wearing no bra.
– Sexy. – I replied honestly.
She smiled pleased after a moment turned around, leaning in a position as if she was putting on shoes.
– Can’t see the panties?
– No. – I replied, surprised to stick my butt in my direction.

– Good, because they are not there. She replied laughing.
– I do not wear pants so hot. – She added.
I didn’t know if he was joking or telling the truth, but I didn’t want to ask if he was serious about underwear.
I gave her the house key because I knew she would be late. I wished you a lot of fun, but also warned her to take care of herself and not overdo it with alcohol.
After a while she disappeared outside the door and I wondered for a moment if she really had panties, but decided it was a joke and went back to work.
I hadn’t noticed how midnight had passed, I was so engrossed in work, so I put the computer down and went to take a bath. When I left wrapped in a towel, the front door opened and my cousins ​​stood in it. I noticed right away that she was very drunk. She stumbled, very scared, afraid that she would fall over, I threw myself to help her. However, I forgot that I was only in a towel that slipped off my body.
– Excuse me. – I said, embarrassed, holding her naked by the hand, because I was afraid she would fall.

– Well, finally something interesting. – She said laughing out loud.
I quickly sat her down on the couch and covered myself with the towel again.
– Well, after all, something interesting today …
– Sorry, but I was afraid you would fall.
– I finally saw a dick that evening because I was counting on a dick today, but my colleagues only talked about sports and computer games. A terrible evening! So I went home and here you are … Such a view …

– I’ll just be back to dress.
– Don’t get dressed, just pour us something.
– Okay, I said, covering my hips thoroughly with a towel.
– Just a light drink for you, okay? You already drank yours today.
She didn’t test, so I made her drink with a little vodka and got a beer for myself.
We sat on the couch and Justyna started talking about the failed evening and how long she had been waiting for him, and here it was such a failure.
One question bothered me and finally asked after the second beer.
– You really don’t have any panties on?
– I do not have. She replied and her thighs opened wide.
I saw her pussy completely shaved and her pink labia.
– Oh my. – I groaned in surprise.
– What are you waiting for? She asked in a changed voice.

Wordlessly, I crouched down in front of her thighs and leaned toward her pussy. After a while, I felt her taste on my tongue. I licked her pussy gently touching the labia with my tongue. It was slightly salty, but I liked the taste right away. My tongue grew bolder and finally began to penetrate her cunt deeper. She opened her thighs even more and I felt her hand in my hair. It pressed my head tightly against her vagina. I felt the touch of her pussy on my face and my tongue penetrated so deeply that it wouldn’t be able to handle it anymore.

She kept pressing my face against her pussy until at times I was losing my breath, but I liked it, my dick stood up tight and I wanted to put it in my cousin as soon as possible.
Finally she let go of my head and I got up, my towel slipped off me limp and my dick was in front of Justyna’s face.
She leaned over to him, but she didn’t suck me, but lick my eggs. She teased them for a while and my dick grew to my best and then she took it in her mouth. She sucked and pulled, penetrating every bit of my cock with her tongue. Finally, after a few minutes, she started sucking him rhythmically. My dick at an even steady pace disappeared in her mouth every now and then and I felt extremely nice.

I was afraid that it would be too much for me and I would shoot her in her mouth, so I interrupted this immense pleasure and, without taking off her clothes, I lay down on Justyna. She leaned her head against the armrest of the sofa so that I could comfortably fuck her “missionary”. Fucking her rhythmically, I reached for her breasts. She had beautiful hard breasts and protruding nipples. I bit them lightly with my tongue, but she didn’t argue, she just hissed softly in pain. I continued fucking licking her tits until I finally asked in an excited voice.

– You want your ass?
– Will you stick your dick up my ass? – She asked.
– Yes.
– So what are you waiting for? Just lick me off first.
We changed position quickly, she got rid of the tails of clothes and stuck her out towards me. I crouched down in front of her and my tongue sank into her anus. I tried to moisturize it well. She liked it after she pressed her buttocks against my face and the tongue went deeper. Finally, I concluded that she was ready, I stood in front of her and gently directed my cock into her anus.
He went deep right away and I started rhythmically pushing her ass, firmly grasping her lovely hips with my hands. I fucked her for so long minutes watching excitedly as my cock entered her ass. In the end I couldn’t take it, I pressed her tighter against me and shot a spurt of sperm inside her. After just a few moves, all my cum ended up in my cousin’s butt. She was moaning loudly and her body tightened every now and then, and finally, when I finished, we fell together on the carpet by the sofa. As soon as we caught our breath, she lay down on me rubbing her naked body.
– It was very nice. She said kissing me on the lips.
– I also. – I replied, but I wanted to remain silent, to remember the moments of pleasure that met me today …

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