Surprise Video Call Turned Filthy

Surprise Video Call Turned Filthy

As I stepped into the shower after a long day at work, I let out a sigh of relief as the hot water washed over my tired body. The sound of the water spraying against the tile was calming, and for a moment, I forgot about the stresses of the week. That is until I heard the distinct ringtone of my video intercom coming from the living room.

I quickly reached for my smartphone where I had installed an intercom application. The live feed showed me, to my surprise, that standing outside was none other than Sarah, my friend’s ex-girlfriend. She looked just as surprised to see me on the screen, but before she could say anything, I spoke up through the intercom.

“Hey Sarah, what’s up? Come on in, I’m in the shower.”

She nodded and made her way inside, closing the door behind her. A few minutes later, there was another knock on the bathroom door.
“Frank,” Sarah called out. “I really need to use the bathroom, I want to pee and I won’t last long!”

Without hesitation, I replied, “Sure thing, come on in.” The thought of her seeing me naked and wet only added to my arousal. As she entered, I couldn’t help but stare at her curves as she made her way over to the toilet. She seemed unfazed by my nudity, which turned me on even more.
As Sarah began to pee, I continued to wash myself, keeping one eye on her the entire time. The sound of her pissing was surprisingly arousing and before long, I found myself stroking my cock as she finished up. She caught me in the act, but instead of being embarrassed, she smiled at me seductively.

“Do you like this view?” she asked with a smirk. Without waiting for an answer, she stood up from the toilet, she undressed and stepped into the shower with me. The water cascaded down her naked body as I She began to stroke my cock. She reached out and wrapped her hand around mine, guiding it towards her wet pussy.

Fuck me Frank,” she demanded. “I want your cock in me.”

Without hesitation, I slid myself into her tight hole. The feeling was indescribable as our bodies came together in the steamy shower. We fucked rough and hard, slamming ourselves against each other with reckless abandon. Sharp vulgar dialogues filled the air as we let go of all inhibitions.

“You like that?” I growled, grabbing a handful of her hair as I pounded into her from behind. “Take it you filthy whore.”

She moaned in pleasure, pushing back against me with equal force. Our bodies were slick with water and sweat as we continued to fuck, the bathroom mirror reflecting our dirty deeds. The sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the small space as I felt myself getting closer and closer to climax.

“I’m gonna cum,” I grunted, feeling my balls tighten up. “Where do you want it?”

Sarah looked over her shoulder at me with a wicked grin. “Inside of me, Frank. Fill me up. Cum in my cunt”

With one final thrust, I exploded inside of her, emptying myself completely as she milked every last drop from my cock. We collapsed against each other in the shower, both panting heavily as we caught our breaths. The water continued to rain down on us as we stood there, neither of us saying a word.

Sarah then asked me if I would show her peeing in the shower, because I had already seen her do it before and she wanted a rematch. Without hesitation, I agreed. She grabbed my cock in her hand and pointed it at her pussy as I started pissing all over her body. The feeling of warm urine on our bodies was surprisingly erotic, adding to the filthy nature of what we were doing.

When I was finished, she crouched down and put my cock in her mouth while looking provocatively straight into my eyes. It was a perverse and dirty act that only added to my desire for her. Once she was done, we continued our hard and dirty sex session in the shower until we were both completely exhausted but happy.

In that moment, I knew that this was just the beginning of something filthy and perverse between us – and I couldn’t wait for more. Again the sound of skin slapping against skin echoed through the small space as our bodies moved together with reckless abandon. Sharp vulgar dialogues filled the air as we let go of all inhibitions, fucking each other like animals in heat until there was nothing left but pure satisfaction.

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