The Perverse Business Meeting

The Perverse Business Meeting

As I walked into my boss’s luxurious penthouse suite for an unexpected late-night meeting under the guise of discussing urgent business matters that couldn’t wait until morning; I was taken aback by the sight that greeted me – my 45-year-old boss was only wearing an untied bathrobe that barely covered her voluptuous body as she had just stepped out from the showers moments before my arrival. My eyes couldn’t help but wander over her exposed cleavage that threatened to spill out from the robe’s loose folds with every movement she made while she gestured for me to take my seat across the table from her – which made it apparent that she wasn’t planning on getting dressed anytime soon either!

As we got down to discussing the “business matters,” I found it increasingly difficult to concentrate on the papers spread out before me as my focus kept shifting towards the glimpses I kept catching sight off underneath her tantalizingly short robe – her smooth thighs peeking out from the gaping slit every time she crossed or uncrossed her legs; the curves outlining her ample breasts threatening to burst free from the flimsy fabric that barely contained them; the faint outline visible through the thin material hinting at the fact that she wasn’t wearing anything underneath!

She offered me some wine to help me relax while we worked; pouring herself another glass as well before settling back into her chair with an air that seemed to suggest she had no qualms about lounging around half-naked with her subordinate present – if anything she seemed to enjoy toying with me as she let the robe slip further open each time she leaned forward to point something out on the documents laid out before us! It wasn’t until she spread her legs wide apart while making some point about projections for the upcoming quarter that I realized just how far things were going to go tonight – because when she did so the fabric parted completely revealing her fully shaved pussy staring right back at me!

She didn’t seem phased by this at all though; instead she only smirked before standing up abruptly leaving the robe behind on the chair as she sauntered over to where I was sitting still frozen with shock at what had just transpired between us! “Well?” she demanded huskily as she stood before me completely naked except for the stiletto heels she still wore “Aren’t you going to do something about it?” Without waiting for my response she positioned herself over my face straddling my head between her thighs so that her pussy was mere inches away from my mouth – I could feel the heat radiating off her bare skin as she grabbed hold off my hair roughly pulling my face closer towards her wetness!

“Lick me!” she ordered “I want to feel your tongue all over my cunt!” And so I did just that; eagerly lapping away at her swollen folds tasting the sweetness off her arousal on my tongue as I probed deeper inside her with each stroke! She moaned loudly encouraging me to go faster harder as she ground herself against my face; her fingers digging painfully into my scalp as she rode my mouth like it was the only thing keeping her upright! It wasn’t until she pulled away gasping for breath that I realized just how turned on I had become myself – my cock was rock hard straining painfully against the confines off my pants desperate for release!

But she had other plans for me first; pushing me back onto the couch she climbed on top of me straddling my waist once again only this time I could feel the warmth off her bare ass pressed against my stomach as she lowered herself down onto my throbbing erection! She rode me hard grinding herself against me as she threw her head back lost in pleasure; her breasts bouncing wildly with each thrust as I reached up to grab hold off them roughly squeezing them until she cried out with pleasure! It wasn’t until I felt myself on the brink off release that she climbed off me once again only this time positioning herself so that her breasts were mere inches away from my cock!

“Cum all over my tits!” she demanded huskily “I want to feel your hot cum all over me!” And so I did just that; letting out an animalistic groan as I exploded all over her chest covering her breasts with ropes off thick white cum that dripped down onto her stomach leaving her glistening with satisfaction! As we lay there panting trying to catch our breaths; I couldn’t help but think that this was definitely one business meeting I would never forget!

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