A Game Night to Remember

A Game Night to Remember

It was a hot summer evening and Jack’s girlfriend, Sarah, had invited her friend Jess over for some wine and conversation while he played his new game in the living room. At first, Jack wasn’t too happy about it – he had been looking forward to an intimate evening with Sarah – but then he thought that bringing Jess over would give him a chance to focus on his game without feeling guilty about ignoring them.

As they sat under a blanket on the couch, sipping their wine and chatting, Jack couldn’t help but feel like Sarah was growing increasingly frustrated with the situation. She kept trying to engage him in conversation, asking for his opinion on various topics, but he just grunted noncommittally or shook his head without taking his eyes off the screen.

Finally, Sarah had had enough. Tired of being ignored by Jack, she turned her attention to Jess and started flirting with him shamelessly. At first, Jack didn’t notice – he was too absorbed in his game – but then he caught a glimpse of them out of the corner of his eye.

He watched as Sarah leaned closer to Jess, whispering something in his ear that made him smile. She ran her fingers through his hair and giggled at whatever joke he had just told. Jack felt a pang of jealousy – was this what she really wanted? To be with someone else instead of him?

But then Sarah did something that took Jack completely by surprise. As they sat under the blanket, chatting animatedly, Sarah’s hand started to wander down Jess’s leg. She gave his thigh a playful squeeze before moving her hand up higher and higher until she was resting it on his crotch.

Jack couldn’t believe what he was seeing – or rather, not seeing. The blanket completely covered their lower bodies, leaving him to wonder if Sarah had actually started jerking off Jess right there in front of him. But then Jess shifted slightly, letting out a low moan that left no doubt as to what was happening beneath the fabric.

Despite himself, Jack felt his own cock start to stir at the sight (and sound) of his girlfriend pleasuring another man right in front of him. He tried to focus on his game, but it was impossible – he couldn’t tear his eyes away from them.

After a few minutes, Sarah pulled her hand out from under the blanket and held up Jess’s hard dick for Jack to see. It glistened in the dim light coming from the TV screen, pre-cum leaking from its tip as Sarah started stroking it again.

“Do you like that, Jack?” she asked coyly, her eyes sparkling with mischief. “Is this what you’ve been missing out on all night? Watching me make someone else feel good while you just sit there and play your silly little game.”

Jack didn’t know how to respond – he was torn between shock at Sarah’s boldness, jealousy that she was touching another man, and arousal at the sight of her doing it right in front of him. But before he could say anything, Jess let out a low groan and spurted hot ropes of cum all over Sarah’s hand and dress.

She giggled as she milked every last drop from his cock, then licked her fingers clean with an exaggerated show for Jack’s benefit. “Looks like someone had fun,” she said teasingly. “Maybe next time you should pay more attention to me instead of your stupid games.”

With that, Sarah stood up and tossed the blanket aside, revealing Jess’s now-flaccid dick resting against his leg. She smiled at Jack one last time before striding out of the room, leaving him alone with his thoughts (and a raging hard-on).

The rest of the night was a blur for Jack – he couldn’t focus on anything except what had just happened between Sarah and Jess. He kept replaying it over in his mind, wondering how things could have gone so wrong so quickly. And when Sarah finally came back to bed several hours later, she didn’t even acknowledge the elephant in the room – instead, she simply curled up next to him and went straight to sleep.

Jack knew he needed to talk to her about what had happened, but every time he tried to bring it up, she brushed him off or changed the subject. It was like she didn’t want to acknowledge that anything out of the ordinary had even taken place. And as days turned into weeks and then months, Jack realized that things would never be the same between them again – their relationship had been forever altered by Sarah’s flirtation with his friend.

In the end, it served as a cautionary tale for Jack: always pay attention to your woman, or someone else might just step in and do it for you.

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