Intimate Evening with a Friend

Intimate Evening with a Friend

It was already 8:47 PM, and you found yourself sitting on your cozy couch next to John – a friend from way back who had always been there for you through thick and thin. You were planning to watch a movie together, but as the opening credits began rolling down the screen, all you could think about was how exhausted and tense every single muscle in your body felt due to your recent fitness training sessions at the gym.

“John,” you groaned, rubbing your sore shoulders. “I’m so stiff! I wish there was someone who could give me a good massage right now.”

Your friend turned towards you with a knowing smile. “Well, as it happens, I used to practice sports professionally before switching careers. If you want, I can try my hand at massaging those knots away for you?”

The offer took you by surprise – after all, this was just an old friend and nothing more had ever crossed your mind in that way before. But then again, it couldn’t hurt to relax a little… “Sure,” you said slowly, standing up from the couch. “I guess I could lie down on my bed.”

As you lay face-down on your mattress, John went to work massaging your back and shoulders with expert hands. You let out a sigh of relief as he found all those tight knots that had been bothering you for days. However, after some time passed, it became increasingly clear how difficult it was for him to give an effective massage while fully clothed.

“Listen,” John began hesitantly. “I know this might sound weird, but I think we’d both be more comfortable if you could change into something a bit less… restrictive.” He suggested that maybe just wearing your underwear would suffice for the massage to continue properly without any barriers between skin and touch.

Feeling slightly embarrassed but also intrigued by this unexpected turn of events, you agreed and headed towards the bathroom to make the necessary adjustments while John waited outside. When you emerged in nothing but your bra and panties, his eyes widened briefly before regaining composure. You lay back down on the bed, feeling more exposed than ever as he resumed massaging your body with renewed vigor.

As his hands moved lower towards your thighs, a shiver ran up your spine – it felt incredibly intimate to have someone touching you like this, even if they were just trying to help alleviate tension. Then suddenly, while rubbing the inner part of one leg, he accidentally brushed against your panty-covered pussy.

The sensation sent shockwaves through your body, igniting a fire deep within that couldn’t be ignored any longer. Gasping slightly at his touch, you looked back over your shoulder and whispered, “John… can we continue this without my underwear on?”

Without waiting for an answer, you slipped off your panties, leaving them crumpled up next to the bed as John’s hands continued their slow journey across your body. This time when they reached your thighs, there was nothing but bare skin between his fingers and your aching pussy.

He hesitated for only a moment before gently parting your legs further apart, allowing him better access to massage the muscles around your most sensitive area – sending waves of pleasure coursing through you with each gentle press of his thumbs. You couldn’t help but moan softly as he worked his magic, every stroke bringing you closer and closer to the edge…

Before long, it became clear that this wasn’t just a simple massage anymore; something far more sensual had taken over between the two old friends. As John continued exploring your body with expert hands, you couldn’t help but wonder how things could have ever been so innocent before now – because there was no denying the undeniable chemistry that sizzled in the air around them like electricity…

And as the night wore on and their passions ignited further still, they both knew without a doubt that this would be an evening neither of them would soon forget.

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