A Mature Taste of Taboo

A Mature Taste of Taboo

It was getting late on a weekday evening when the doorbell rang at Sarah and Kristina’s apartment. The two women, both in their early thirties, had been together for over five years and were well-known in their social circle as an exclusive lesbian couple. They shared everything – their home, their finances, and of course, their love life.

Sarah answered the door to find a man standing there, slightly older than them with salt-and-pepper hair and a warm smile. It was Tom, their mutual friend who had offered to help fix Sarah’s computer earlier that day when she mentioned it wasn’t working properly. They invited him in, grateful for his willingness to assist even though he knew they were lesbians.

As Tom sat down at the dining table and began tinkering with the laptop, Sarah and Kristina exchanged glances across the room. A mischievous idea had begun forming between them after a conversation about exploring new experiences together earlier that week. They decided to playfully tease their unsuspecting friend by flirting innocently at first – brushing against him gently while offering refreshments, laughing louder and more frequently than usual, and touching his arm or shoulder during casual conversations.

Tom seemed oblivious to the sudden change in atmosphere but found himself feeling increasingly comfortable around these two beautiful women who were showing such interest in him. As he focused on fixing the computer issue, Sarah leaned over him from behind, placing her hands firmly on either side of his chest while explaining a problem she was having with an application. Kristina joined them moments later, sitting down beside Tom and resting her hand lightly on his thigh as they discussed potential solutions to the software glitch.

The subtle provocations continued for several minutes until Sarah finally broke character by whispering something into Kristina’s ear that made both women giggle uncontrollably. Realizing something was amiss, Tom looked up from the laptop screen and caught them exchanging knowing smiles. He couldn’t help but feel a little uneasy – he knew they were lesbians, after all, so what could this strange behavior mean?

Sarah mustered her courage and decided to be direct with their friend: “Tom,” she began hesitantly, “Kristina and I have been talking…and we’ve never done anything like this before. But we want you to know that if you’re open to it, we think you’re incredibly attractive – and we would love for tonight to be a new experience for all three of us.”

Tom stared at them in disbelief, unsure how to respond initially but eventually managing a soft “Wow…” He had never considered the possibility that these two women might find him appealing, let alone want to engage in any kind of intimate encounter with him. But as he looked into their eyes – sparkling with curiosity and desire – he couldn’t deny feeling an unexpected surge of excitement at the prospect.

Within minutes, Tom found himself pulled into a passionate threesome unlike anything he had ever experienced before. The women wasted no time in exploring every inch of his body, eagerly tasting and touching him while encouraging each other to push their boundaries further than they’d ever imagined possible.

Kristina was the first to take control, kneeling between Tom’s legs as Sarah sat on the backrest of a nearby chair. She slowly unbuckled his belt and slid down his pants before wrapping her lips around his hardening cock – an act she had never performed for anyone but now did with surprising confidence and skill. As Kristina worked her magic, Sarah leaned forward to tease Tom’s nipples with her fingers while whispering encouragement into his ear: “That’s it…let us show you how good this can feel.”

Tom couldn’t believe what was happening – here he was, receiving a blowjob from one of the most beautiful women he knew while another watched and participated in their shared pleasure. He closed his eyes and allowed himself to be swept away by the sensation as Sarah trailed kisses down his chest before joining Kristina on her knees between Tom’s legs.

Together, they licked and sucked every inch of him until he could no longer hold back – erupting in a powerful orgasm that left them both drenched with semen. Without hesitation, Sarah leaned forward to share the taste with Kristina as they locked lips in an intimate embrace – their tongues dancing together while Tom watched, completely captivated by this unexpected turn of events.

But the night was far from over; if anything, it had only just begun. Emboldened by their newfound courage and desire for exploration, Sarah suggested that Tom return the favor by pleasuring them in ways they’d never experienced before. Eager to oblige, he gently laid both women down on the living room floor – positioning himself between Kristina’s legs while Sarah watched with wide eyes filled with anticipation.

Tom began licking and sucking at her clit as if his life depended on it, drawing gasps of pleasure from deep within her chest as she writhed beneath him. Meanwhile, Sarah couldn’t help but touch herself – unable to resist the sight before her or deny the aching need building between her thighs.

As Tom continued pleasuring Kristina with his mouth and fingers, he reached out to stroke Sarah’s inner thigh gently – inviting her closer so she could feel even more intimately involved in their shared experience. She eagerly accepted, straddling Tom’s face as they both focused on bringing each other to new heights of ecstasy.

It wasn’t long before all three were moaning and panting uncontrollably – lost in a whirlwind of sensations that seemed almost too intense to bear at times but also impossible to resist. And just when Tom thought things couldn’t get any better, Sarah surprised him further by asking if he would be willing to take their exploration even further: “Tom…would you mind…if we tried something else?” she asked breathlessly as Kristina continued grinding against his mouth.

He looked up at her with a mixture of confusion and excitement – unsure what could possibly come next but eager for the answer nonetheless. Sarah hesitated only briefly before whispering her request: “Could you…fuck us? Both of us, I mean?”

Tom couldn’t believe what he was hearing; not only had these two incredible women invited him into their bed, but now they were asking him to fulfill a fantasy neither of them had ever experienced before. He nodded eagerly – unable to speak as his heart raced with anticipation and excitement at the prospect.

Sarah positioned herself on all fours while Kristina lay down beside her, spreading her legs wide in invitation. Tom knelt behind Sarah first, guiding himself inside her slowly but surely until he was fully seated within her warm embrace. She moaned loudly as he began thrusting gently at first before building up momentum – each stroke pushing them both closer to the edge of oblivion.

As they moved together in perfect harmony, Tom reached out with one hand to caress Kristina’s breasts – teasing and pinching her nipples while she watched their lovemaking intently. She couldn’t resist touching herself again as she felt an overwhelming desire to be part of this intimate connection between them; soon, Sarah joined in by reaching down to stroke her own clit in time with Tom’s thrusting hips.

The sight was almost too much for any of them to bear – three bodies writhing together in a dance that seemed both primal and beautiful all at once. And just when they thought things couldn’t possibly get any better, Sarah suggested another twist: “Tom…please,” she panted breathlessly as he continued pounding into her from behind, “I want you to fuck Kristina too – I need to feel you inside me while you fill her up…”

Without hesitation, Tom pulled out of Sarah and positioned himself between Kristina’s legs once more. This time, however, instead of focusing solely on her pleasure, he guided himself into her slowly but surely as she wrapped her arms around his neck – pulling him closer still as they shared a deep kiss filled with passion and longing.

As Tom began moving within her, Sarah positioned herself beneath them both – eager to feel the sensation of their lovemaking from this new perspective. She reached up to touch Kristina’s breasts while Tom continued thrusting into her friend – each stroke pushing all three closer to a shattering climax that promised to leave them breathless and spent.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity of pleasure, they could hold back no longer; Sarah cried out first as she came hard against their intertwined bodies, followed closely by Kristina who clung tightly to Tom – her own orgasm ripping through her with a force that left her trembling from head to toe.

Tom wasn’t far behind them – his own climax building rapidly until he could no longer contain it; With one final thrust, he emptied himself deep inside Kristina as she moaned in bliss beneath him. The three collapsed together on the living room floor – a tangle of limbs and sweat-slicked skin that seemed to symbolize their shared connection perfectly.

As they lay there catching their breath, Tom couldn’t help but feel grateful for this unexpected adventure; not only had he discovered new depths of pleasure he never knew existed, but he also deepened his bond with two incredible women who would forever hold a special place in his heart. And as Sarah and Kristina exchanged knowing smiles – both aware that they had found something truly magical together – it was clear that this night marked the beginning of an unforgettable journey for all three of them.

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