A perverse evening

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A perverse evening

My girlfriend Dorota has always been able to surprise and had many crazy and not always thought-out ideas. In sex, she also had manyideas that she could surprise me more than once. Erotic games, sex phones or sex in public places are just some of her “innovations” in our erotic life. Some were quite successful, others completely unsuccessful.

– My friend will be with us today. – said Dorota as if casually.

If she said something “casually” it already aroused my anxiety, I knew that there must be a second bottom in it.

– What kind of friend is this?

“You don’t know her,” she replied briefly.

Such a short answer also disturbed me. I’ve known her too long not  to recognize that  she was spinning something.

– So a colleague from the office and you will work? – I started to guess.

-No. – she replied briefly. Placing glasses, glasses and a few snacks on the table.

Before we finished this exchange, I heard the doorbell.

Before Dorothy ran to open the door, she stood in front of me with an innocent face, saying:

– What will happen today, remember anything, I will not blame anything.

– What is going to happen?

She didn’t answer, she just opened the door and after a while I saw a completely unknown colleague Dorothy.

She greeted me by kissing me on the lips. Which surprised me a lot, but I will not say that it was unpleasant. Her name was Monika and she was a very attractive girl.  Slim brunettewith quite long hair and a very pretty face.

– What will you drink? My girlfriend asked.

– Beers, I like beer. – she replied.

We first ate a previously prepared dinner in the kitchen and sat in the living room. The two of us on the sofa, a new friend we met in the armchair that was standing opposite.

I must say that she had a head  for alcohol, because she drank 3 bottles of beer at a fast pace and reached for another bottle. During this time, the two of us emptied barely one wine.

– But I want to pour. – she said at last.

– You have a bathroom right at the entrance on the right.

– Well, what do you like to hold, later peeing is better than orgasm.

– No – Dorothy supported her.

– I think it’s unhealthy to hold back like that.

– Unhealthily this is the lack of orgasm. – she replied.

– Well, yes. I replied.

“I have a question for you as a guy,”  Monika said.



– Well, you know what… I don’t ask such questions.

-Why not? – said Dorothy.

– I masturbate there, like you don’t feel like having sex or going somewhere or just to de-stress.

– Well, I also often feel like massaging my pussy or I take some Dildo.  Well, and you?

What was I supposed to say with such confessions.

– It happens to me.

– When do you do it? – asked Monika.

-Variously. – I replied evasively.

– I don’t want to say anything. – said Monika with disappointment in her voice.

– You don’t say details either. Everyone knows that most men masturbate and a large proportion of women.

– Well, I’ll tell you in detail. He usually masturbates in a similar chair as this one. First, I rub myself, massaging  the clitoris and  labia and then I put  my fingers in the  pussy and sometimes in the ass.  I like a lot of… Never mind…

– What you like, finish it.

-Like… pee during masturbation.

I didn’t know what to say, so I kept silent , hoping that I wouldn’t have to talk about mine.

– I know when Paul masturbated for sure. – said my girlfriend triumphantly.

-Yes? And when.  – asked Monika.

– How we played sex phone. Then he pounded his horse and lowered himself. Right, darling?

– Maybe it’s true, and you, darling, will tell you in detail how you do yourself well?  I asked sarcastically.

– I will not only tell you, but also show you. – she replied with a smile.

Saying this, she freely took off  her skirt,  under which she had nothing, and ostentatiously began to massage her.

She surprised me with masturbation in front of our eyes, even though I was already strongly inserted and so it seemed very kinky to me. She had masturbated many times before during sex with me, but this time we weren’t alone. S looked at Monica, she looked  with pleasure at the naked parts of my girlfriend’s body and after a while she also took off  her skirt and panties and raised her legs  demonstrating her shaved pussy as well as her second hole.

Dorothy looked at me with excited eyes.

– me. – she said loudly, adding:

– Like a whore…

I quickly threw off my pants and lay down on the floor. Dorothy sat on my cock facing me and began to rhythmically stuff herself on it.

Monika didn’t watch us from the chair for long, she just came closer, standing in strides over my face. I looked at her wet pussy, which was dripping with her juices.  My cock became even more hard, which Dorothy felt immediately.

– Fuck, but he’s tough….

– How do I want to pour… – said Monika standing over me.

– It’s funny … – said Dorothy

And after a while I felt Monica’s urine  flood  my chest and stomach, spurting also at Dorothy, whoimmediately accelerated  the beating of my cock.

When Monika finished pouring urine on us. I think Dorothy had an orgasm, quickly got up and crouched submissively, with her mouth open and her tongue extended. I knew what she was hoping for, but before I knocked the horse on her face, Monika crouched next to her, and I began to lower myself almost immediately. Pouring a few shots of sperm over both faces.  Monika was masturbating her pussy at the time, and I was pretty sure she came with me.  We didn’t fuck for a week with Dorothy and my supply of sperm was large, so their faces were all overwhelmed.

“Fuck, what an evening…” I thought.

When the sexual tension began to subside, the girls laughed and took my hands and pulled me towards the shower…

The end

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