An unexpected turn of events

An unexpected turn of events


I had a hard week, so on Friday I decided to do absolutely nothing, especially that my name day was falling. I don’t really celebrate my name day so it didn’t even surprise me that practically no one wished me. I put a bottle of good wine on the table, a few snacks and decided to spend the evening part of the day catching up on movies. My search for a good film lasted quite a long time, I still could not decide on a film, in my mind I complained about Netflix that it is getting worse. But more than half, the bottles of wine disappeared under mysterious circumstances and the decision what I will watch still has not made. I was already slightly inserted and wondered if it is better to watch some porn, there I will always find an interesting thread. The doorbell snapped me out of my thoughts, and when I opened it, Elka, my friend, stood in the door.

-You can? -Asked.

Sure, I replied by letting her into the house.

I immediately sensed that it was inserted.

She looked at the wine table.

– I see that today also wine at your menu.

– Yes, I decided to chill out a bit.

“Pour you a treat?”

– Can I sleep at your place? – she answered with a question.

– Sure. I replied.

– Well, pour me. She said, sitting down next to me on the couch.

She started telling me what had happened to her recently, and the open bottle of wine was empty after a while.

– I still have a beer, do you feel like it?

“Come on,” she said, continuing her story.

We did not watch any film, generally the evening consisted of listening to Elka, who was more and more indented.

– Shall we lie down? I asked.

– Well, where should I sleep?

– You can on this couch or in the bedroom with me. – I replied.

– Well, in the bedroom.

She took a large woman’s bag with which she came and went to the bathroom. After a few minutes, she left in a T-shirt and shorts.

It was clear that she was tired, she still wanted to talk, but alcohol and probably quite an intense day won with the desire to talk.

I went to the bathroom, took a quick shower, and climbed into bed turning off the lights. I lay sideways towards Elka and she turned her bottom towards me. There was silence, I was also tired and I wanted to sleep.

After a few minutes, Elka’s bottom moved towards me and her buttocks clung to my crotch. It didn’t look like random abrasions, she literally pressed her ass against my cock. I didn’t have to wait long for the effect, my cock stopped, so she couldn’t help but feel it, I knew she wasn’t asleep yet. However, she did not move her buttocks any further, they clung tightly to my crotch.

Excited, I reached my hand under her shirt, she did not protest, after a while I felt her warm, hard breasts in my hand. I touched my fingers to my nipples and they became hard. I put my hand on her chest and did nothing for a moment, Elka did not react, she was still in the same position pressed against my body.

I moved my hand lower to slip it under her shorts, I felt her warm buttocks, my hand went lower, and with my fingers I felt her other hole, I lightly touched itwith my finger, gently irritating her hole.  However, even this time she did not react, protest or show interest in this touch. My hand went down until it reached her pussy. It was damp, quite damp, I touched it outside, irritating my labia, until I finally slipped my finger into it. I felt how tight she was, but also wet. This time she reacted:

“I don’t want to,” she said quietly.

I was very excited, but what was I supposed to do, I stuck my finger out of her. One I didn’t give up because I felt she wanted to be touched. I startedmassaging her breasts again.

She lay silently feeling my cock on her buttocks, but she didn’t say anything.

Then I whispered a question in her ear.

– Wylizać there?

“Yes,” she replied quietly.

We lay uncovered, it was the middle of summer and the terrible heat at night. Without changing position, I first took off her bra.

Then I slid lower and took off my shorts. She spread her legs slightly and I leaned between her thighs. I looked at her, shewas very pretty, even perfect, the more with more excitement and desire I began to lick her. My tongue teased her outerpussy. I felt its taste and smell, which I liked very much. I began to penetrate her musk deeper and deeper with my tongue. She put her hand on my hair and at times pressed my head against her pussy. Showing in this way where I give her the greatest pleasure. I licked it forabout 20 minutes and she still couldn’t get enough.  She lay there orally served, with an excited expression on her face and slightly closed eyes.

Finally, I decided to go into it, slid higher, lying on it, my cock entered her tightpussy. It was an incredible pleasure. I beganto fuck her rhythmically, holding tightly to the sides of the bed.  I pushed my body and my cock to go deepest. She breathed loudly and whispered, “Lower yourself inside me.” I was so excited that almost immediately after her words, my sperm shot into her. I fuckedit on, getting rid of all my semen. When I finished, I moved it gently for a moment until I finally lay down next to it.

Then she bent over my wet cock all in her juices andsperm remnants and put it in her mouth. She licked him like that for a moment, giving me incredible pleasure. My cock was already falling, which made it even more sensitive to touch, which gave me suchpleasure that probably after a long while I would be ready for action again.

Elka interrupted this incredible pleasure, kissed me on the lips and hugged me in the same way as at the beginning. Only this time our bodies pushing against each other were stripped of their clothes.  Elka fell asleep very quickly and I enjoyed the pleasure of touching our naked bodies. Tonight hadan unexpected turn of events, but only in a positive sense.


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