It was only supposed to be a sex phone

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It was only supposed to be a sex phone

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I was to spend this Friday night alone. My girlfriend Sandra spent the weekend with her parents. They also lived in Warsaw, but Sandra did not want to come back at night to go back to her parents in the morning. I was sitting a bit bored reading a lame crime story when Skype called. Sandra called.

– Hi!

– Hi!

– Everyone is going to sleep in a moment, the family reunion is over so I thought to myself that maybe we’ll get a bit of a hoot, like in the old days?

– I mean?

I asked even though I knew exactly what she meant. Back in the days when our relationship was in its infancy and we weren’t living together, we used to play phone sex a lot. Sandra turned on a lot, and me too. More than once during these conversations, I was excited because the excitement was almost unbearable. Sandra could light anyone with her sexy voice.

– You know what I mean.

– Hmm, how in the old days?

– Yes.

There was a hint of excitement in her voice. There was silence in the receiver for a moment, after which I heard Sandra’s voice.

– I have a hot desire for your cock. Today I was thinking about how much I like to hold it in my mouth. It is so warm and has such a delicate skin and when I suck you off I feel like I control you, which makes me even more excited. How I wish I had it in my mouth now … and how you put it in my pussy. Whenever I remember what a pleasure it is, I wish we had sex all the time.

I was silent and my cock was already sticking out, her words excited me so much that I didn’t want to interrupt her. Suddenly there was silence. When I wanted to take the initiative in this conversation, Sandra broke the silence.

– I ordered an Uber, I’ll be home in 20 minutes. Get ready.

In fact, after about 30 minutes I heard a key opening the lock, and after a while Sandra appeared in the door. With a strong slam, she closed the door and quickly walked over to me.

– I want to fuck – she said, unbuttoning my fly.

I kissed her passionately and she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth. Kisses did not bother Sandra to get to my dick, so she unzipped my zipper and started massaging my waking penis. I in
I reached over to her crotch. She was in a dress, so my task was easier. Massaging her pussy through her panties, I moved my hand up and down. From time to time I pressed my finger gently into her crotch through the material of her panties.

Sandra pressed her body against me, which made me slide towards the bed. And that was what she meant, as soon as we got close to him, she began to undress. Of course, I didn’t need any more encouragement. We pounced on each other greedily, I was so excited that I wanted to go into her immediately. Sandra did not object, her legs spread wide in a gesture of invitation. I lay down on her and quickly shoved my cock into her tight pussy and immediately started fucking. Sandra whispered in my ear:

– Fuck me hard!

I pressed my body even tighter against her. I have become more determined and even brutal. I fucked her harder and harder, and every now and then she turned up the atmosphere with a spicy sentence like:

– Hit me like a bitch!

I fucked her for long minutes, but in the end I felt like I couldn’t make it anymore and it was time to drain. The excitement was too much, and the desire to ejaculate on Sandra made it even worse. Finally I pulled my cock out of her pussy and ended up on her mouth. The sperm ran down her face quite in large amounts and she didn’t wipe it off right away. Reaching with her tongue as far as possible, she licked it from her mouth and left the rest on her face.


– Even that sex phone is nice. – She said when she finished licking her sperm.

I looked surprised saying:

– He was almost gone. – Summarized.
– But how helpful. Sandra laughed.I

Adult service

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