Sex Story Part 8 – Threesome Sex

Threesome Sex

Threesome Sex. Adult Sex Stories We didn’t see Ania for many days, we did call each other, but there was no time for a meeting. From time to time, Kaśka even called asking me how. The days grew warmer and the day longer. A person was awakened with the will to live, spring energy. After a dozen or so days, we agreed to an evening drink together with Kaśka. Ania told her that Kaśka was stubbornly trying to meet. I prepared a fairly hearty dinner, a few bottles of wine, …

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Home visit – sex with the doctor

sex with the doctor

Home visit – sex with the doctor Home visit – a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy. Home visit – a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy. A cool autumn has begun. Despite my malaise, I pored over papers from my office. I was considering calling a doctor because I felt a growing fever. The next day I felt even …

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Sex adventure at the seaside

Sex adventure

Sex adventure at the seaside – a story new sexy stories 2021 We went with a group of close and distant friends for a weekend spring trip to the seaside. There were 6 of us in total, including 2 girls whom I knew very little. But I liked Sandra of them, but I only exchanged a few sentences with her during the walks, because she mostly stayed close to Monika’s other girlfriend. One of my friends suggested going out together for a beer at a nearby pub, which everyone agreed. …

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Sex surprise at a boring party

Sex surprise

Sex surprise at a party. More sex stories in the erotic stories section. Another week of warm July was passing. Unfortunately, the week was quite hard, with a lot of additional duties at work due to the leaves of colleagues. Unfortunately, I had to live with the taste, I could only dream of lounging by the warm sea. I had my vacation planned for November. However, I had a Saturday night planned. We were invited for a housewarming to our mutual friends, they bought a small house in a nice …

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Working after hours can also be fun

Working after

Working after hours can also be fun. sex stories Working after hours? The company was boiling. Reports for the management for the general meeting of the board were not ready, and the last day of the week at work was to end in just 2 hours. I knew you had to stay after hours. I sat furious with my colleague Michał at the spreadsheet, entering data. “No chance to finish this by 4pm,” I muttered under my breath. -Why don’t we take a break and finish at my place tonight? …

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Sex History part 5 – Sex agreement

Sex agreement

Sex History part 5 – Sex System adult sex stories I do not hide, Ania confused my head after the last meeting, I no longer knew what to expect from her, I like sex, I have different fantasies, but her directness made me consterned. On the other hand, when I thought about the subject calmly, I didn’t quite know if it was a serious invitation to new sexual experiences or a simple joke. I wanted to address this topic today, because she has just announced herself for a coffee after …

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It was only supposed to be a sex phone


It was only supposed to be a sex phone adult sex stories I was to spend this Friday night alone. My girlfriend Sandra spent the weekend with her parents. They also lived in Warsaw, but Sandra did not want to come back at night to go back to her parents in the morning. I was sitting a bit bored reading a lame crime story when Skype called. Sandra called. – Hi! – Hi! – Everyone is going to sleep in a moment, the family reunion is over so I thought …

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A sharp shot outdoors


A sharp shot outdoors adult erotic stories I heard the doorbell. When I opened the door, I saw Jola, my friend. She didn’t even say hello, I immediately heard: – We’re going on a picnic right now. Her voice was firm, not accepting the objection.“But …” I wanted to argue.– No “but” sandwiches, something to drink and a blanket.– Let’s go. – She added. The day was hot, so I took note of it. In fact, the idea wasn’t bad. I went to my room to change my clothes. – …

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