Beach adventure

Beach adventure.

It was a beautiful summer and terrible heat, so together with my girlfriend Marta we decided to go to a secluded beach. I didn’t really want to, but as she said provocatively: “You will not regret it.”

So I knew that I would not miss at least a nice in the open air and maybe something more.  I agreed to this trip because I had nothing to do anyway.  We drove by car and a few minutes later we were there. It was our lonely place, without people, a complete wilderness.

We spread out a blanket and pulled out the drinks. Martha took sunscreen and smeared herself with oil. She offered to lubricate me, but instead of lubricating me, she started kissing me on the chest and stomach.

“Take off your shorts because you want to make love,” she said.

I took off my shorts and she took off her panties and lay on her back, spreading her legs wide. I was downstairs and started kissing her pussy gently. She was very wet and very warm. I started kissing her belly and headed up. I took off her bra and started sucking on her nipples. Her breasts were big and firm. Martha began to breathe louder and groaned.

“Don’t stop,” she said.

I stuck my head between her legs and started licking her scallop. It was really very wet and very tasty. I could feel the juices flowing straight into my mouth. Martha moaned louder and louder until she finally had an orgasm.

Then I lay down on top of her and dipped my penis into her pussy. It was very hot and very wet. I entered it slowly, holding her hips all the time. Marta began to move her hips slightly, which caused my penis to go even deeper and even faster. Finally, I felt myself coming.

I told Martha to turn around. When she did and I saw her firm naked ass, I started gushing onto her back.

“It was great,” she said afterwards.  -Thank you.

– There is nothing to be thankful for.

“But it was wonderful,” she added.

After this exchange, we did not exchange a word for some time. We lay naked, not caring that someone might see us.


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