Kaska’s colleague

Kaska’s colleague

adult sex story

Kaśka looked out the window of the bus, which was slowly approaching the bus stop. Her heart was beating harder than usual, because soon she was about to visit her colleague from work, with whom she had been flirting for a long time. Finally, she managed to persuade him to invite him to his home, where they were to spend the evening in a pleasant atmosphere.

When she got off the bus, she breathed a sigh of relief. She felt excited and a little stressed, but at the same time she couldn’t wait to see her colleague. She walked to the door of his house and, ringing the bell, waited for the opening to open.

After a while, the door opened, and her beloved stood in front of her. He was even more handsome than usual – he was wearing casual clothes and his hair was a bit disheveled. Kaśka felt her heart beat even harder, and blushes appeared on her cheeks.

“Sit down, be at home,” her friend said, pointing to the couch in the living room. Kaśka sat down, feeling his intense look at herself. She knew she wanted to pick him up, but at the same time she was afraid not to spoil the mood.

What would you like to drink? A colleague asked her, putting his hand on her shoulder. Kaśka felt a surge of emotions, but tried to stay calm.

Maybe you have a beer? She replied, looking away. She could feel his gaze on her, but she didn’t dare look at it.

My friend got up from the couch and went to the kitchen, and Kaśka began to look around the room. She noticed on the bookshelf a picture from his youth – he was a handsome young man smiling at the camera. Kaśka felt more and more desire awaken in her body.

When his friend came back with glasses and bottles of beer, Kaśka smiled at him. She knew the evening would be a success, and maybe even bring them more than just friendship. After drinking a bottle of beer, Kaśka was not so tense and looked at her  friend more and more boldly, he also glanced at her.

Sitting on the couch with her legs rolled up and her neck tilted back, she couldn’t stop smiling. More than once had she seen the look her  friend was giving her now, it  was a look full of desire, but it didn’t bother her at all.

After a few more bottles of beer, the colleague stood up and walked over to her. He sat close, so she smelled his perfume. The smell was very pleasant.

– Kasia, you smell very nice. You’re so nice and pretty,” he said, then kissed her passionately on the lips.

The girl did not speak, but returned the kiss. It was an amazing feeling. No one had ever kissed her on the lips like that, it  didn’t matter to her if she loved him, she thought so.  Without thinking, without stopping her kisses, she pulled her friend’s cock out of his pants,  he did not protest.

Kaśka bent over and took her penis into her mouth, more than once she fantasized at night about this moment, masturbating until finally her friend’s cock was within her reach. Greedily, she began to suck and lick him.  The cock began to harden and stiffen. She felt  hot and wet, she was mesmerized by desire. At this point, I’d do anything to make sure she could lick him. Nothing else mattered.

-What are you doing with me? She whispered in his ear.

-Nothing like that. Rather, you’re the one holding my cock in your mouth,” he replied.

-Want to let yourself down? She asked after a moment.


“Do you want me to blow and swallow you?” she asked further, looking mein the eye.


Kaśka began to suck it. She licked it and caressed it with her hands, and then the cock was in her mouth again.

The man breathed louder and louder until finally his semen shot into Kate’s throat. She would have almost choked, but swallowing the first batch of sperm she got the situation under control. Even her liked his sperm, she always liked male sperm.  When she  swallowed everything, she licked the cock’s head for a moment,  on which the last droplets of sperm appeared.

– Will you stay overnight? The man asked.

-Gladly. – she replied with a smile, because in her purse nice underwear for a change.

Today she knew exactly how tonight  he wanted to convince her future man.

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