Clitoris – find out more.

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Clitoris – find out more, it will be easier for you to bring your partner to orgasm.

Clitoris – located near the anterior junction of the labia minora. The visible part is above the vagina, a quarter of the clitoris is visible. Due to its structure and innervation, it plays a fundamental role in sexual arousal and orgasm. It is the most erogenous place in a woman’s body and the most sensitive to tactile stimuli. It allows you to achieve orgasm through tactile stimulation during sexual intercourse or during masturbation. It usually takes 2 to 5 minutes for her to respond to arousal stimuli and at least 8 minutes of continuous arousal for her to orgasm.

Usually, the clitoris of an adult woman has a shaft about two cm long, with two corpus cavernosum, ending in a glans 4 mm in diameter, covered with a foreskin. The clitoral shaft can be short or long, thin or thick and the glans flat, conical or spherical. It should be known that the clitoris grows throughout a woman’s life. It resembles a micro penis, it differs in size. There is one more difference: the penis likes strong stimulation and grows when caressed, the clitoris temporarily shrinks as a result of strong excitement, that is, it shrinks and retracts.

For this reason, men stop caressing, believing that since it is getting smaller, caressing will not bring the proper effect. Advice – do not stop caressing, a shrinking clitoris is a sign of excitement.
Every woman likes different kinds of caresses, but usually at the beginning the clitoris likes delicacy. When it is sufficiently warmed up, it can be a little hotter. How to achieve a clitoral orgasm? The key is to gently massage and lick the entire pubic area. The final phase should undoubtedly have a steady pace and one way of teasing.
Examples of clitoral stimulation techniques: – Extend the labia with two fingers and rub the clitoris with the middle finger.

  • Put one or two fingers into the vagina, the palm of the hand rests on the woman’s pubic mound. The fingers should slide in and out freely. During this time, with the underside of the hand, we press the clitoris and labia.
  • Also caress your partner around the clitoris without touching her and the coming orgasm will be much more intense.
  • You can very carefully pinch the clitoris and pull with your fingers, and only when it has reached the appropriate degree of excitement – hardness. It must not be done too early and too late.
  • Keep your fingers moist when you caress them.
    There are women who find clitoral stimulation unpleasant (they are highly hypersensitive). In this case, you can use a special anesthetic gel. The gel is prescribed by a doctor and is applied directly to the clitoris just before intercourse.
    It should also be remembered that clitoral orgasm in women is not the end of the fun. A woman may have multiple orgasms. It is worth a try.

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