Integrative sex

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Integration sex – weekend trip.

Another integration weekend in the company, it was the third such trip in the corporation where I worked. The first one was a nightmare, the company was large, I only knew people from my department, so what could you do apart from drinking? My aversion to such trips changed after I met Dorota from the IT department.
In addition to participating in idiotic integration meetings and drinking, we had another common hobby – sex, and that changed a lot, the trips became not only bearable, but also pleasant. Many “couples” were formed at such parties, whether to drink or fuck, so many complained loudly that they were taking the weekend away, and silently thought about it with joy, who he was going to fuck or drink with.
Dorothy was waiting for me in the hotel lobby, jingling triumphantly with the keys to two rooms next to each other. As senior staff, we had single ones, but never managed to have them next to us. This time Dorota managed it somehow.
– So what’s at the party tonight? she asked, handing me the key.
– As always, baby. – I said pleasantly looking at her attractive figure.
Familiar voices reached our ears, we turned and saw Olka and Piotr, we met them at the previous party. We waved at them and they staggered back toward the rooms in response.
– They must be indented already. – I said rather than asked.
They started on the bus, I rode with them and they sipped something discreetly.
– They won’t last till evening. – I laughed.
– Probably so.
– Until tonight?
– Until tonight. I replied giving her my hand.
– How official. She laughed.
– Everyone is still sober so why should they talk. – I muttered.
“Ok ok,” I joked.


I was sitting in the room’s account alone at a small table of four. I was too sober to join this company, so I sipped my drink slowly while waiting for Dorothy, who was still gone. I already knew why, she was responsible for the logistics of this event and she was probably playing something else.
– Hmm, that’s why these rooms next door and so large, she is in charge here. – I thought.
In the distance I saw Dorothy entering the room, she was looking around looking for me. At last she saw and walked confidently to the table.

– Why so in the corner?
– I’m too sober for their company.
She laughed. – then drink it faster.
After a while the waitress brought two wines, because Dorota had time to order alcohol before she reached the table.
– You are fast.
– And so with everything. She replied, squeezing my thigh lightly with her hand.
– Then why only the thigh?
– There will be time for the dick. She replied without embarrassment looking into my eyes.
I poured us wine, we talked about crap and Dorota was still discreetly touching my thigh, and I was talking and talking as if I had just finished a vow of silence in some monastery. Dorota’s hand was becoming more and more courageous, besides, no one paid any attention to us, the company was very tortured, otherwise it cannot be called. Her hand was more and more often on my fly, which of course was not indifferent to my cock, it began to stick out quite visibly.

– I won’t even be able to go to the toilet. I said at one point.
– Why? – She asked like an innocent schoolgirl, but with “whores” in her eyes.
– You already know well.
– Who will see it now? – look at the halls.
– Some have already gone to fuck and the rest are drinking hard. – she said
– About Olka and Piotr – she said suddenly, waving in their direction.
– But tough players.
– Don’t wave, they’ll probably come soon. – I stated not very culturally.
– They are funny I like them, let them come.
After a while I saw Olka and Piotr staggeringly approaching.
Olka and Piotr
– What are you so lonely? Peter asked.
– Exactly. – added Olka.
– We’re still too sober. – I muttered.
– Too sober?
Then pour it, cried Peter, grabbing the bottle he had brought with him. He poured some whiskey into glasses.
– Well, if I mix it up, it will be. – I said thanking for pouring.
– You’ll be fine. Dorota said, patting my thigh.
We drank whiskey in a row, telling each other some dirty jokes. Olka and Piotr were making out quite openly, even at one point Piotr put his hand under his blouse touching his bust, which did not cause any reaction in her.
– You know what’s about to close, we’re going to go upstairs to drink to drink? – Olka asked.
I figured it was a good idea, because in a moment it could be a big embarrassment, they will start banging on the table – I thought.
– Why not? Let’s go. – Dorota said definitely, already strongly indented.

We got up and headed for the hotel elevator. I just felt like I was indented too. I didn’t feel it while I was sitting. We staggered slightly into the elevator. Olka without embarrassment grabbed Piotr by his fly, massaging him through the pants of a member. This did not prevent her from having a conversation with Dorota, who watched with interest Olka massaging the area of ​​Piotr’s crotch. The elevator arrived and we reached their room, or even more the apartment, quite quickly considering our abilities.

– You have a nice room. I said surprised.
– Because we rented it ourselves – Olka laughed, still hanging herself on Piotr’s shoulder.
– Oh, that clears it up, we don’t have any.
“Because the company is sorry for us,” cried Piotr cheerfully.
And he landed more than sat on the sofa, not because he was so drunk, but Olka was hanging on him so much that he simply fell limp on the couch.
– Do we have alcohol? Dorothy asked.
– We have, we have. – Olka exclaimed happily, going to the bar and taking out a large bottle of whiskey.
Piotr quickly brought the glasses and poured us a solid portion of alcohol. They sat down next to each other, and Ola’s hand was automatically placed on Piotr’s crotch. She did not care about us, she talked, joked as if nothing was happening. Piotr felt the excitement it was visible in his pants, but he focused more on the glass of alcohol than on the conversation. You can see that it was pleasant for him. Dorothy was nestling against me at this scene. As she ran her hand over my thigh, I felt that it turned her on, but she did not have the courage to do what Olka did.
– Then maybe we will go – you are a little busy, I said.
With that, I got up from the sofa. Olka jumped up, was sitting closest to me and with certain movement she sat me back on the couch.
– We won’t let you go, it’s fun to talk, and we don’t mind when someone looks at our little frolics. – she said
I looked at Piotr
– Of course, do not go the night still young. – He said.
– So what are we staying? I asked Dorothy
– Sure. She replied pouring whiskey into the glass.

They turned on the TV and there was a boxing match on the screen, we fell silent a little while drinking alcohol. Olka was becoming more and more brave as to Piotr’s fly, after a while we saw his protruding dick in Olka’s hand, she massaged it unconsciously, looking at the TV at us.

Dorota was excited by the sight, she pressed her hand tightly on my thigh and I saw that she had an irresistible desire for sex. I pretended that nothing had happened and everything was normal, but I looked at them, expecting the further development of the action. In the end, Piotr’s dick disappeared in Ola’s mouth, she turned to us sideways as if she wanted us to see it well. Looking at us, she coquettishly pulled the wire at Piotr.

Yes, the sight already turned me on, I felt my dick growing in my pants, but I was already hanging on whether someone would notice it or not. I felt Dorothy put her hand on my crotch and began to lightly massage my penis through her pants. He was already damned hard. I watched Olka sucked without embarrassment, Dorota efficiently slipped her finger into the slit of the zipper from her pants, pulling it gently apart. Olka continued to lick Piotr, who, with his eyes closed, was experiencing the pleasure she was giving him. Without stopping licking, because now her tongue was circling Piotr’s cock, she was looking at my fly as if waiting for Dorota to pull my dick out. After a while, Piotr got up, slipped off his pants and Olka did the same, showing her shaved pussy, we didn’t say a word, because what to say. The atmosphere was dripping with sex, perversion and something hard to describe. Olka crouched on the sofa, turning her face towards us and sticking her buttocks towards Piotr.
Piotr stood behind her and began to lick her pussy, and she moaned slightly. She was so close to us that, leaning against the sofa, her hands landed on my thigh, I don’t know if it was limp or on purpose, but it didn’t matter as Dorota couldn’t stand the sight and in an instant she pulled my dick out. Greedily she put it in her mouth. Olka, being half a meter away from us, squeezed my thigh tighter, as if she wanted to say “and finally she gives you a blowjob”. Piotr finished licking Olka’s pussy and was just sliding his cock into her hole from behind. After a while I felt the rhythmic pressure of Ola’s body on my legs, Piotr was pushing her from behind, and she was pressing against me, getting closer and closer to my dick, which Dorota sucked on me. It was quite crowded, there was no room to step away. I thought to put Dorothy from behind, but as if she read my intentions, she stopped me from standing up firmly, and her hand was directed to her crotch. I picked up her dress by tucking my hand into her panties, and then into her buttonhole. I started fingering her.

Olka stretched her ass to Piotr who was more and more stuck in her, she was already resting both hands on my thighs, and Dorota was shaking my dick with her hand right in front of Olka’s face, I was fingering her by inserting three fingers into her wet pussy. I did not expect such an evening, I thought for a moment, relishing the pleasure that this situation gave.
Dorota was experiencing my fingering more and more, I tried to slide my fingers as deep as possible, with one strong rhythm, my fingers were full of Dorota’s juices, she was devilishly excited, and so was I. Piotr was about to finish, he was moaning in spasmodic movements, spitting himself into Olka’s cunt, I was also fed up with excitement, I shot my sperm at the moment when Dorota started licking me again, sperm spurted in every direction not only on Dorota’s face, but also on Olka’s face.
Sorry, I muttered, breathing heavily as the leftover semen was pouring out of my cock. Dorota licked her eyes at Piotr leaving Olka with a slightly spongy dick sticking out.
Nothing happened, I like sperm – said Olka, taking sperm from my thigh onto my finger, and after a while she put it in my mouth.
Dorothy was cuming right now, sitting on the sofa with her thighs spread open and my fingers in her pussy. She moaned loudly, suddenly squeezing her thighs on my hand, and the three of us watched her orgasm, which probably turned her on even more.
Hmm, I think we’re falling. – I said after a long moment of silence, as I already saw that Dorota cooled down a little, shortening her thighs. Olka and Piotr dressed slowly in silence.
– Ok – said Olka with a smile.
– It’s by tomorrow, we need some sleep. – she added.
– How you can fall asleep. Dorota said softly, heading for the exit.

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