Going to the cinema – sex adventure

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sex adventure

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Because of this Covid-19 my social life was completely dead, it was never too intense, but I ran into some parties or went out, at least to the cinema or to a cafe, and now it was a complete flop.

I decided to change it and at least go to the cinema, which they opened, but supposedly it was empty. Not only due to restrictions, but also poor premieres that many film studios have transferred to digital platforms instead of cinemas.

I invited my friend Monika to go to the cinema with me. She welcomed the idea enthusiastically, because she, too, rarely went anywhere recently. We chose the movie “Hunting”, in fact the cinema room was almost empty.

There were literally 8 people in the room and only one couple in our row that didn’t seem very interested in the movie.

We watched the movie in silence for a good 30 minutes, when Monika whispered to me:

– But they flirt to each other.

– Who? I asked surprised

– Well, this pair in our row.

I looked that way and they were actually touching and kissing each other without paying any attention to us.

– You see they came “to the cinema” and not “to the movie”. – I whispered amused.

– They’re gonna start fucking. Monika muttered irritatedly.

– Are you jealous? – I asked, amused.

– No, and you? As she said that, she put her hand on my crotch.

– What are you doing? Surprised, I looked around nervously.

– I feel you and what do you not feel? – She replied cheerfully.

– I feel right now, stop it or someone will see.

– Don’t be so virtuous, you have fucked me more than once. – she replied.

– I don’t know who who. – I muttered with a smile.

Monika had a good temper and took what she wanted.

– Well, you can look at it differently.

I felt that she unbuttoned my pants with a rather neat movement without undoing the button and her hand slipped inside.

Her hand was massaging my cock through my shorts and it was getting bigger and bigger. She did it as if unconsciously, because at the same time she did not stop watching the movie.

– Come on, it shows. – I said softly and without conviction.

– He only sees this pair and it does not bother me and you?

After a moment’s thought, I said:

-Not either.

– That’s good. – Saying that, she pulled my cock out of the fly.

I quickly covered him with a jacket that was lying on the arm of the chair.

– We won’t play like that. – She said taking the jacket off my crotch.

I glanced at the couple that could only see what we were doing. They were evidently watching our activities.

– They’re watching. – I said embarrassed, but also excited, because Monika was playing delicately with my dick.

– Come on. I interrupted her nervously fastening my pants.

– Although I want to pee in the toilet. – She said when I got dressed

– Should I go with you? – I asked surprised.

– Come on. She grabbed my hand and pulled me out

The corridor was dim and empty, Monika dragged me to the ladies’ room with her.

I entered with reluctance, afraid that someone would come in a moment. Without hesitation, she slipped off her panties and sat down to pee. She spread her legs wide, you can see that she did it on purpose and began to pee, looking at me if I was watching her. I’ve always liked her pussy so I sneaked a peek at her provocation.

When she finished she got up and said:

– Since I don’t have any panties anymore, maybe …

Before she finished, I pushed her lightly against the wall and pulled my cock out, then lifted her up against the wall.

“I don’t think you are that virtuous after all.” – she said with a smile.

Our eyes met and I saw desire in her eyes. She embraced my arms with her arms and her legs wrapped around my hips, I entered her immediately deeply inserting my dick. It was so light that I did not mind its weight and that it hangs on me. I tried to penetrate it as deeply as possible, but I knew that it could not last long, that someone could enter the toilet at any moment. So I shot my sperm right into her hole, pressing her body tightly against mine. When I was done I put her on the floor She put on her panties quickly saying:

– The end of the movie! You have to see her!

She grabbed my hand and dragged me to the cinema room, but somehow the movie stopped interesting for me …

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