Morning surprise

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Saturday morning surprise – Erotic story

It was Saturday morning so we allowed ourselves to sleep longer, almost until 10 am. I barely opened my eyes felt that the morning erection was bigger than usual, therefore not wanting to show a sticking cock
I waited patiently for Dorothy to get up to dress discreetly.
However, Dorota, barely opening her eyes, screamed:

– Wake up!

Saying this, she ripped the covers off us and immediately saw the “tent” in mine

“Well we have here …” She asked cheerfully, reaching for my crotch.

Efficiently, she pulled his cock through the leg in loose boxer shorts. She grabbed it in her hand, moving slightly.

“Hmm, what do we have here …” she repeated with a smile, leaning towards my boxers.

I felt her tongue against my penis and she touched it gently with her lips.

-hmm, when you got up like that, Dorothy can come in handy.

She wasn’t saying that to me, she was saying that to my cock. It was completely new to me and a bit strange. She caressed him for a moment, and finally she stood over me, opening her shorts. She squatted and shoved her cock into her pussy. It was never morning sex so I was in full shock. I grabbed Dorota by the hips and supported her rhythmically stuffing herself on my already supple cock. Dorothy slightly leaning towards me pressed the asshole against my hips breathing loudly. She was completely focused on herself, I felt that she was not fucking with me, but with my equipment, but I saw how much she enjoyed it, so I had no complaints about it.

She was speeding up and I felt something like my hands on her hips were just bothering her, so I put them aside watching with great excitement and curiosity as her ecstasy reached its zenith. Satisfied herself more and more pressing me against the bed. Her hands resting on my shoulders gripped my body tighter. After all, she had a strong orgasm that I haven’t seen before. I was just an observer and donor of a penis here rather than a sex partner. When she finished, she got off my bed right away.

– It was great. She summed up and headed towards the bathroom.

– What about me?

I asked, hoping for some orgasm, because my cock stuck out to the maximum.

– I’m going to the shower and you, if you feel like it, jerk off. I don’t always have an orgasm either, and I can help myself.

So this is how chicks feel after a guy’s orgasm, as they do not have themselves? – I asked myself in my mind.

– Well, what to do here. – I said aloud to myself looking at the protruding cock.

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