Hard tram pounding with a stranger

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Hard tram pounding with a stranger.

Adult Stories

On a beautiful sunny day, while standing at the tram stop, I noticed a man. Muscular with a dark complexion. He had beautiful brown eyes that turned my way. I could feel his eyes on me so I started walking around the stop. I walked back and forth, tempting him with my body and seducing him with a provocative gaze. I showed him that I want him and I like to fuck him hard. I was dressed in a skimpy shirt and skirt, of course I was without underwear.

Unfortunately, there were a lot of people at the bus stop, so I didn’t know what to do. Without thinking any longer as I passed him, I discreetly took his hand and placed it on my knee. Gently moving his hand up, I felt it approaching my already wet pussy. He waited no longer for encouragement and permission. He stuck two fingers into my wet and narrow slit. A tram pulled up, one car was completely jammed and the other one was full of only two people. We got in with a stranger, of course, where there were only two people. They were sitting in the last seats.

Rushing forward in full excitement, we looked at each other. The muscular man sat down in the chair. I knelt down in front of him and unzipped his fly. I saw a stately, swollen cock.
He yanked my hair and whispered:

I followed the “command” without hesitation. I sucked him off and he moaned with excitement. The women sitting on the tram started us
observe. Noticing this, I got up, picked up my skirt, and mounted his stiff cock. He was holding my hips and squeezing my hips vigorously and kicked me down to the balls. He practically screamed with delight. I hear he’s okay and he feels my pussy juice oozing. We were no longer able to control ourselves.


The tram stopped and the women got out. As soon as I noticed this, I jumped off my cock and leaned against the arm of the seat. I unhooked my ass so he could plant me his big eager cock. He was pumping me hard until I groaned, some of the pain, some of the pleasure. He kept pushing me. He’s fucking me like no one has ever done before. Each time it went even harder and deeper. My body was going wild, it was the most intense orgasm I had ever had. He whispered that he could not stand that he would finish. So I pulled out and took my cock in my mouth again. After a short blow job, I moved on to a sharp jerk. Soon I felt his sperm on my face, including the glasses.

When he finished draining, the stranger handed me a handkerchief. We drove one more stop. As we got off we exchanged telephone numbers. The farewell was quite formal.

Adult service

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