Escort girl.

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Escort girl.

When a guy is bored during a vacation, he comes up with many ideas on how to make his free time more attractive. I was sitting at the computer watching a sex video chat and dreaming about some sex adventure. But why dream? I decided to act. I opened a first-rate erotic classifieds site and started browsing listings from my region. Oh, there were too many of them. As a man under forty, I was looking for rather young chicks, that is 10-15 years younger. I found a pair and decided to send text messages given in contact.

I did not have to wait long for the answers, practically every one of them wrote back, which improved my mood, thinking about the organization of the nymphomaniac harem. I quickly returned from my dreams to reality, choosing one that not only seemed sexy from the photos, and the text messages showed a good sense of humor.

However, it turned out that a sex meeting is not such an easy matter, I persuaded her to meet only for coffee for a long time, introducing myself to be a super handsome / I exaggerated a bit /, but in the end she agreed. What I admit, I was relieved, because I already invested some cash in the text messages that were paid.

The meeting was scheduled for the same day, so plastic surgery on my face was out of the question. I was wondering if I would like to see such a “handsome” guy or if he would be normal and realize that the Internet is lying. We made an appointment in the park in a very busy place, probably for safety she chose such a place. So I stood there and waited, letting myself know more and more that I wasn’t just screwed on.
There were chicks walking around, but none of them looked like the Dorothy I went out with. After 5 minutes, one of the girls approached me with a decisive step.

– Jack?
– Yes. – I replied slightly surprised.
– Dorothy. We made an appointment here – she added.
I was surprised, the girl was young and pretty, but definitely not the one in the pictures in the ad.
– Surprised? She laughed.
– It wasn’t my photo, only morons give their own.
– Are you disappointed?
– Not at all. – I replied quickly.
– You are a nice chick. – I found it.
– That’s cool. – she smiled.
– Are you serious with this coffee?
– Yeah.
– Oh. She said disappointed.
I felt indecision so I asked:
– Do you have other suggestions?

– You know, I have such a hobby, I like sex with strangers, so apart from your dick I don’t want to get to know you too much, especially over coffee. Are you offended?
– No, where are we from adults, so what do we do? – a little scared, I asked.
– We will go for a walk deep into this park, where there are no people at all.
In fact, this part of the park was completely empty, she led me to some hidden little clearing, the remains of the fires showed that sometimes someone was partying here.
– Well, now show me your cock. She said looking into my eyes.
– What I have to show? I asked surprised.
– No dick. She said decisively.
Without further delay, I unzipped my fly and pulled my cock out and looked at her.
She stared with obvious excitement.
– Now beat your horse.

This proposal surprised me a bit, but when I saw her putting her hand under her dress, I didn’t ask anything anymore. I started to move my hand, pounding the dick, which immediately “came to life” stood taut and I was pulling the skin from it every now and then moving it faster and faster.
Dorothy stood close with her hand in her panties, even though you couldn’t see it, but I could feel her fingering her pussy. I guess the end of this foreplay I thought as I took a step towards her.
– No. She said decisively.
– I want to see you cum.
– And sex? – I asked
– It’s sex too. As she spoke, she picked up the dress so that I could see exactly how she was pressing her fingers into her pussy.
The sight of her pussy set me on fire, I couldn’t stand it and at the sight my cock stiffened even more and exploded after a while. The sperm shot out, partially found it on Dorothy’s dress. You can see that it turned her on even more and after a while, after the sounds she made, you could see that she was having an orgasm.
After literally seconds before I even hid my dick well, she left her dress, deprived me of the sight of her shaved pussy.
– Can you do it? she asked.
– With what? – not understanding what she meant.
– Well, because I’m running, it was nice and pleasant.
– And that’s all? – I asked.
– It was awesome. She said with a smile and turned quickly away without saying goodbye.

I stood a bit shocked and angry with myself, but I chose this stick no matter what. What was that? I could knock a horse at home. Okay, I have to analyze these erotic ads more carefully, because I spent some money on paid text messages and I had to knock my horse off. However, you have to be optimistic and I will definitely end up having great sex.

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