Night games

Night games

Illustrated free sex story

I used to meet my friend who was a bit crazy once in a while to spend time together on a weekend with a movie and wine. One thing could be said about our meetings, each one was different and more than once ended with a rather surprising finale or a strong argument. We had sex a few times, but mostly it was short exciting actions, it seemed that this is what my friend prefers, which made me quite dissatisfied, because she seemed quite selfish in fulfilling her desires.

And this time our meeting started as usual, long conversations and quick emptying of the contents of the first bottle of wine. I don’t even know when we started kissing, but after a while I was licking her pussy. I always fondly remember her tight pussy, which was almost perfect pussy, moreover, her second hole as well. I looked at the watch, it was approaching 22 and I was fucking her kneeling in front of the bed and she was on the edge of the bed with her legs spread, inviting me inside. We didn’t change many positions, we just gave ourselves a lot of pleasure without delving into the kamasutra, and the sex became more and more rough and licentious by the minute.

– Fuck me! she shouted

– Fuck your bitch! she added

Her vulgar language perfectly matched the increasingly perverse atmosphere, so I also did not regret the profanity that turned us on even more. It felt like we had found our cards on who we really are in sex, which was a knockout for me because it turned out that they were very similar.

She moaned louder and louder, and she must have had an orgasm every now and then, or at least an extreme near-orgasmic pleasure, because her body showed it very strongly.

Many times she stopped fucking and took my cock in her mouth to lick it greedily and after a while spread her legs and wait for the cock again. I also willingly licked her pussy from time to time and sometimes the second hole, which I also wanted. It seemed like she wanted a cock there too, but that didn’t happen that night. Finally, when I was playing with her second hole, inserting my finger lightly into it, she said that soon I would put my dick in her too.

We gave each other a lot of pleasure, all the problems and boring everyday life flew away somewhere, we complemented each other really well and that was just the beginning. The night was young, just approaching midnight. There was no respite either I was crouching in front of the bed on my knees fucking her like this, or I was doing it from behind and when that wasn’t enough for us she would sit on me riding my cock and moaning and screaming very loudly.

– Do you like it? I asked excitedly

– Yes, fuck your bitch! she replied

– I wish someone would watch us fuck!

– Who? I asked

“Never mind,” she replied excitedly.

She must have thought of a man or a couple, but not a woman. – I thought.

I know how much it can spin when someone is watching, so I really liked such fantasies.

– I wish I could fuck you more often, bitch!

– You can fuck me whenever and wherever you want! she added

We didn’t slow down and when we turned back to the position where I was kneeling on the carpet by the bed, pushing her and watching with pleasure as my cock disappeared into her cunt. Suddenly, a stream of urine gushed out of her pussy, and then again. How it excited me!

– Pee! I said because she obviously wanted to.

– Oh no. – she said.

– Take a pee, I know you want…

Night games

Then she got up, grabbed my hand and dragged me to the toilet. She sat on the bowl, spread her legs and began to pour a strong stream of urine. I stood in front of her with a dick sticking out, my hand limply reached for her pussy, and May’s hand was flooded with a strong warm stream of her urine. I didn’t mind it, on the contrary, and at that time I began to massage her gushing pussy. She peed for a long time and I got so excited that I cum on her tits in front of her. When she was done, she headed to the bathroom for a quick shower and then was back in the bedroom.

I thought he realized I had just cum and needed a break to play more. However, she did not consider this option, without further ado she sat on me and put my dick in her pussy and he reacted by feinting again. She sat on top of me making me bristle for a really long time, but every now and then she would pull out her dick to give me a Blowjob or jerk off to me for a while.

Night games

“He’s so tough,” she cried

– Fuck me in the cunt! she added

– Oh, it hurts! – I finally heard about 3 hours of sex.

– You don’t want anymore? I asked worried that she was in pain.

– It’s gonna hurt! fuck me! she replied and my cock got even harder.

When I changed my position back to where I was kneeling in front of the bed. she exclaimed:

– Pour on me!

I wanted to do it very much and her words turned me on, but I didn’t want to flood the bedroom with my urine, I hadn’t anticipated such a turn of events and I regretted that I couldn’t do it this time.

– Get wet!

She repeated and after a while she sat on me riding me very hard. Every now and then she would stop fucking and sit on my face and I would lick her with pleasure, in between she would jerk off or lick my cock. However, despite her encouragement and excitement about it, I didn’t, but I hope that someday we will prepare for it properly … if she feels like it.

It’s 2 am and 4 hours of our sex. The friend fell on the bed having had enough and I was not satisfied again, the cock wanted to discharge, but I was not given it.

When we woke up in the morning, cuddled up to her naked body, I wanted to end the night because it seemed so unfair. But I heard “I’m sick of you”

We smiled at each other because I knew what she meant, she was sick of sex, which gave me a lot of satisfaction. It’s been a long time since no sex /despite the lack of a fully satisfying ending/ gave me so much peace and relaxation. After all, it was sex full of intimacy and uninhibitedness, and I took a hell of a break from everything. I haven’t been this relaxed in a long time, but worried that it was just a one time thing.

Shall we go a step further? I don’t know, it seems like my friend panicked when she opened up and showed what she likes, and since she’s “crazy” it could be different, either it’s the last sex or the beginning of an intense sex life … Although I’m sure she felt the same way I am relaxed and satisfied.


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