Pool adventure

Pool adventure

sex story

Waking up in the morning I noticed that it is beautiful sunny weather. I was wondering what to do here since I have a day off. After much thought, I chose full relaxation, not running around the shops, and decided to go to the swimming pool and sauna.

I called my friend and asked if she wanted to go out with me. She was very happy and we agreed that I would pick her up in an hour. To be honest, I was already ready, so I thought I’d pick it up sooner and probably won’t be mad about it. As I drove up to her house, I heard terrible screams coming from her house. My friend was obviously arguing with her husband, so I waited in the car. After a while, she left the house upset and when she noticed my car, she got in, I didn’t ask anything, I just left her house.

We didn’t bring up the subject, but we both looked at each other and knew what was going on. To lighten the situation, I started reminiscing about the good old days, because in the past we were very fun-loving and we weren’t really good girls.

When we got there, we noticed two handsome men standing in the parking lot. We got out of the car and the men noticed earlier also headed in the same direction, which is probably also to the swimming pool.

While buying tickets, I saw them looking at us and whispering something to each other. After that we went to the dressing room and then to the pool. That’s why I liked to come here when I had time, because the pool was practically empty. It filled up only in the evening hours and now it was practically exclusive.

We were barely in the water as we swam the men we had seen earlier and introduced themselves. Of course, they tried to pick us up with flirty smiles. My friend obviously liked one of the men, because I noticed from her behavior. The situation quickly got out of control and the man’s hand landed on her buttock, but she did not protest. Apparently it suited her. I looked around, there was no one in the pool but us.

I swam to my side so as not to disturb them. The other man swam away too, I guess he felt the same as me.

After a short time he came to me and started talking to me during the conversation we relaxed as if we had known each other for years. I looked at my friend if she was okay and I saw a scene like from a porn movie. Quickly embarrassed, I looked away and went back to talking to a handsome stranger.

I don’t even know how it happened that we started kissing, I felt his hand on my buttock. She moved slowly down until I finally felt his fingers in my wet pussy. I wanted to repay him with the same, so I put my hand in his swimming trunks. I felt his hard cock and started to play with it. After a while I turned my back I wanted, because I wanted to swim in pleasure and he loaded me from behind. I was lucky there was a rail that I could grab onto so he could freely move in and out of me and I could feel the pleasure of his cock.

After a while, I asked if I wanted to sit on it. He turned around and leaned against the railing and I sat on him impaling myself on his cock. I started riding his erect dick and moaned loudly in an excited voice. I looked to the side and my friend was just doing Blowjob to the other man. I was so turned on that I had a loud orgasm. The man quickly jumped out of my pussy and cum on my stomach. His cum was famous all over my body.

After this elation came a moment of sobering up. I quickly left the pool calling my friend and we left the pool at a fast pace. The men looked at us from the pool, talking to each other.

– God, how were the cameras here? – I said.

“Oh, you’re exaggerating,” her friend soothed.

– Well, how were they?

“Then you have to get those tapes,” she replied.

– what?

– Well, as a souvenir, because he fucking fucked me. She laughed, completely unaware of my panic.

With my head down, I left the pool with my friend ashamed. She felt as if all the staff knew what had happened. I looked at my friend and she burst out laughing.

My fear vanished in a second and I laughed out loud too.

“You’re so fucked up,” I told her with a laugh.

“Yeah,” she replied, laughing even louder.


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