Sex on the bus

Sex on the bus

On my way home from work, I noticed a handsome man on the bus. At one point, I felt him looking at me. I was sitting on the back seat of the bus, he was a little further away, but in a seat facing me. I looked up and smiled, of course he smiled back. Slowly there were less and less people on the bus until finally there was practically no one except the two of us and the driver. When the last people got off at the stop, the stranger got up and headed towards me. He asked if he could sit next to me, of course I agreed with a smile on my face. We sat at the very end of the bus for a while in silence until he finally introduced himself to me saying his name was Adrian.

I shook his hand and introduced myself, he kissed my hand gallantly looking straight into my eyes which gave me a lot to think about. At the next stop a man got on and sat next to us on my left. Adrian began to smile coquettishly looking into my eyes until he finally grabbed my hand and directed it towards his fly. I felt his dick through the fabric of his pants and began to gently massage it. I felt it start to grow, but there was a man sitting next to me and I didn’t know how to behave in this situation. I wanted a new stranger, but the seated man could see what we were doing, which could be embarrassing.

After Adrian’s behavior, I could see that he didn’t mind it at all, on the contrary, he was excited about the whole situation, that someone might be looking at it. I could already see the man glancing at us, but instead of embarrassment, I felt even more excited.

Adrian, having no hesitation, grabbed my hand again, pulled out his cock and quietly asked me to take care of him. I gladly agreed to his suggestions, because I really wanted to have fun, and probably my new friend did too. I started slapping his dick, but it wasn’t enough for me.

I was wearing a sexy short dress that I only lifted slightly and I could sit on his erect cock and my buttocks going up and down impaling myself on his pipe. I could feel us both wet and horny, my juices dripping down his cock. The unfamiliar man looked at us with growing excitement. I turned my head to him and looked him straight in the eye. He could see my grimace changing every time I stuffed Adrian’s cock. I felt that I would come soon and without thinking for a long time I put my hand on the other stranger’s leg to be able to impale Adrian’s cock even more comfortably. I started to cum while still staring at the strange guy. As I climaxed, I noticed a wet spot on his pants. As soon as I saw this I felt Adrian’s sperm inside me and I had another orgasm until I moaned very loudly, luckily my moan was well muffled by the bus engine.
After all, I sat down next to both men, and when the bus stopped I quickly jumped out of it, leaving both men in complete surprise. I smiled to myself and relaxed as I headed home. It was really good sex on the bus, I thought.

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