A friendly meeting with a surprising finale

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A friendly meeting with a surprising finale

My girlfriend Alicja suggested going to a social meeting with her friend. I didn’t really want to, but since we hardly ever went out together, I finally agreed. We bought 2 bottles of good wine and took a taxi to her friend’s. I hardly knew her, but Alicja was with Ola /because that was her friend’s name/ on very good terms.

At the beginning it was quite stiff Olka approached me with a distance and I also with a great distance to her, Alicja was a bit annoyed by this rather heavy atmosphere so she poured us more and more wine, she also did not spare herself alcohol. Eventually she was so drunk that she became more and more pushy towards me, rubbing against me, provoking me, grabbing my crotch. I tried to calm her down, but it wasn’t that easy. Finally, she said that they are so close to each other that she is not embarrassed and if she wants something, she will do it.
– Okay – I replied and kissed her passionately while groping her breasts and after a while putting my hand into her pants.
However, my behavior did not cause any embarrassment without any fuss she took my cock out of my pants and started playing with it. Olka sat down opposite us with a glass in her hand and watched the scene with undisguised interest. I don’t even know how it happened that after a while we were naked and my head was between my girlfriend’s thighs. I licked her pussy with great pleasure teasing her labia with my tongue and once in a while digging my tongue into her wet pussy.
I looked at Olka, sitting opposite and masturbating through her clothes. Wiping his pussy through his pants with his hand.

This sight turned me on even more, I grabbed my girlfriend turning her and suggested that I want to enter her from behind. She quickly assumed the position and my hips were level with her buttocks, I entered hard and my cock plunged deep into her pussy. Rhythmically, I began to fuck her from behind, gripping her hips tightly so that my thrusts wouldn’t push her away from me. My hips hit her buttocks every now and then, making a characteristic sound. Alicja moaned with pleasure Olek at that time had her hand in her pants and masturbated more and more intensely.

I fucked Alicja in this position for 15 minutes until she finally had enough and sat on the bed taking my cock in her mouth. She began to suck him so intensely and passionately that I couldn’t contain my excitement and I shot it in her mouth. Semen flooded her face and hair, I looked at Olka and saw that this sight turned her on so much that she had an orgasm. When the emotions subsided, we got dressed and Alicja wiped the cum off her face and we started watching a movie in silence. Olka sat down to the side of us and Alicja snuggled into my shoulder. I knew very well that no one was actually watching the movie, just processing what had just happened in their heads. I never expected that the presence of a third party during sex could be so arousing and I really wanted a repeat of what happened today…

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