Wife and me – Our first cuckold

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Wife and me – Our first cuckold

sex story

We were in a compatible marriage with my wife, in which we had been working for 5 years without any problems. Despite quite a big age difference, because I’m 39, he was 32, we really got along. We got along very well, probably because of our successful sex as well.

As soon as we met, we were crazy about it, we fucked everywhere. Each of us had a lot of ideas on how to make it more attractive and the other half agreed. For example, she wanted to have additional friends to play with, i.e. a set of dildos and vibrators, and I liked her whispering in my ear about the naked appearance of her friends. I liked it when, while fucking her, she told me what the pussy of our friend Monika, which she saw in the shower, or her colleagues from work, looked like. Ola, because that’s her name, my wife has never been jealous of it, we had fun letting our imagination run wild. I never knew if he was telling my ear if he was telling something real or was just making it up. It didn’t matter, the fun was great and the atmosphere was hot and full of excitement.

Ole, on the other hand, got very excited to tell her how I fucked other girls while still a bachelor. She was excited by the exact details and the sex talks diversified our relationship. Our dirty talk and sexual fantasies became more and more spicy, though they were never polite. Eventually my wife started telling me how I would fuck her friends and I don’t even know when I started messing her up, how someone else fucks her and I watch.

Porn site – that’s how it started

We used to watch some porn sites in the evening and came across cuckold, or controlled cheating. Watching these scenes even turned me on and my wife even more. We didn’t stand this watching for long and we just started making love telling each other how she fucks with a muscular guy / because she had a weakness for that / and I look at it while jerking off. Already during this sex, I knew that it would eventually come to this and that my wife would have sex with someone else in front of me. This thought overwhelmed me and we finally organized such a meeting.

Our first cuckold

I will not tell you in detail how we organized it and, without going into details, we chose a man from outside our friends and from a completely different city. And we knew we wouldn’t do it a second time with him, even if it was horny. It was Saturday night and he rang our doorbell. We sat on the sofa a little tense, we drank a glass of wine, to be courageous, because it was supposed to happen … Finally, we went to the bedroom, Ola joined after a while in a sexy outfit, I sat on the pouf and the man took off his T-shirt and sat on the bed. I silently watched my wife with a strange man. It was a strange feeling at first, but also exciting. Ola reached for the guy’s fly and he kissed her on the neck. After a while, my wife was already holding a large cock in her hand and the man was not idle and took off her bra.


Ola leaned over and her mouth reached to his dick, our eyes met, I reached for my dick unconsciously. She was looking at me provocatively rubbing a foreign dick on her cheek until she finally put it in her mouth. She sucked rhythmically and I started jerking myself off watching these porn scenes with my wife. After a few minutes they were both naked, the guy started licking my wife’s pussy and then asshole. His tongue penetrated deeply into her and my wife groaned with excitement, every now and then glancing with excited eyes at me. Finally, he turned her over and entered her from behind, She turned her head towards me and moaned with delight. The man fucked her hard until her body slid all over the bed towards me. I was staring at them while pounding myself. I was extremely aroused, but I didn’t want to stick my wife’s cock in her mouth even though she was so close… but it wasn’t supposed to be a threesome but “cheating.” Therefore, even though this thought occurred to me, I let go of this idea.
Our first cuckold
After a few minutes the man wanted to cum and turned Ola on her stomach and, beating her horse in front of her, spilled on her stomach and a little on her face. The man left without a word to the bathroom and my torpid wife looked at me with a smile as she climbed down from the bed to the floor. “Fuck my ass,” she said, sticking her ass towards me. I quickly stripped off my clothes and walked into her, her asshole ready right away from her juices and licks. I fucked her by pressing her body against the floor. The cock went in all the way in her ass, we didn’t often do it that way. Previously, I was watching her sex with a stranger extremely excited, so now while fucking her ass, I knew that I would not last long. She knew it too, and without waiting for a creampie. She spun suddenly taking a cock in her mouth and I immediately fired pressing her head against my cock. – Fuck the bitch! I said loudly Ola licked my dick greedily without my encouragement, despite the fact that I was fucking in the ass before. She never did that, anyway … today we’ve done many things that we haven’t tried before … And that’s how our first cuckold ended … It was awesome and we knew we would repeat it someday …
Our first cuckold

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