Suckling in the forest

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Suckling in the forest

When I made an appointment with Aga on a hot day for a long walk in the forest area near the city, I was not too delighted. I am not a big supporter of nature, I feel much better in the jungle of a big city than a forest full of insects and all kinds of vermin called nature. However, Aga loves nature, forests and animals. I also like animals, but more on the plate for dinner. However, I let myself be convinced, although I knew that I was going to walk for many hours in the company of not only Aga, which would be nice, but also swarms of mosquitoes and midges whose primary role is to make people’s lives difficult.
It was very warm, it was even hot, which turned out to be not so bad, because somehow you could not see large numbers of small monsters attacking whomever it fell into.
As we walked, we talked about plans for the evening whether to go to the cinema or sit at home with a bottle of wine. As I went deeper and deeper into the forest, I had to say that the walk was even fun, but the fact that I was sipping water constantly made me feel an irresistible urge to pee.
I’m going to pee. – I said to Aga going slightly off the path.
Hold you? She joked.
She wanted to confuse me. – I thought and retorted: sure very willingly.
Yes? She asked incredulously.
Yes. – I replied even more confidently, seeing that I was winning this verbal battle.
Ok. She said as she followed me off the path.

She stood next to me and held out her hand to the fly. So she made me – I thought, not knowing how to behave. I stood still waiting for the further course of events.
She unzipped my zipper, a little irritated, she was looking for her hand to get my cock out of my panties. She finally found “access” and triumphantly pulled my cock out.
Then pee. She said holding it in her hand.
This situation surprised me so much that even the dick in Aga’s hand did not stand up to me, I was just embarrassed, but I still wanted to pour. After a moment of concentration, I started peeing a strong stream on the undergrowth. What a relief I thought, forgetting for a moment that Aga was holding my bird, directing a stream of urine. When I finished, even though the last drops of urine were still dripping, she started to move it, and this time my cock started responding properly.
Do you want to shake it off me? I asked directly, unable to contain my excitement.
Do not shake it off, but suck it off – while saying this she crouched down and started licking the last drops of urine with her tongue. After a while she had it all in her mouth. She took a deep breath to pull it out of her mouth and massage it with her hand for a moment. She kept repeating it for a few minutes, which made me sexually mad that he was not pulled all the time, but only provoked for a moment. However, she changed tactics and my dick was sucked and licked all the time. I was so excited that only now I noticed that there is a park on the path next to it, looking at us brazenly and curiously.
Stop. – I said adding:
– People!
Aga paused for a moment, still crouching, she turned her head towards the path, she turned her back to them. Only now did I understand that uninvited guests could only see Aga’s head against my fly and nothing else, because she covered the rest of them.
Move over. She said decisively.
What are you doing? I asked surprised trying to hide my swollen dick in my pants.
No. She said sharply, throwing my hand away.
She shifted me decisively so that we stood sideways to the peeking pair. I just realized that she wants them to watch. The couple stood in silence and you could see the excitement on their faces. They were standing close enough to look at them and they were standing close to us.
Aga went back to giving me a blowjob, she pulled and sucked him now with more greed, I did not stop to look if they were still there. They stood as if their every move could scare us and the show was over.
However, Aga did not want to finish, she was sucking my eggs now, I could see that she was looking at them provocatively as if she wanted to ask “you see?” it excited her more, and I guess so too.
We were watched by strangers as she sucked my cock, licked my balls, it was so hot.
I felt the sperm flowing in, just waiting to be shot into Aga’s mouth. After a while, it happened and her mouth filled with my semen, which was flowing over her chin from the corners of her sensual lips. She quickly licked a bit of sperm with her tongue and took the dick in her mouth for a moment, glancing at the couple – they were still standing.
Aga got up and I quickly closed the fly. I looked in the direction of the steam and she was quickly disappearing into the forest.
We’re going the other way, ”I said with a smile.
But why? She asked provocatively.
Because yes. – I replied not wanting to enter into the discussion.
Ok, I was kidding. Aga replied.
And how is a walk in the woods? Not so scary, is it?
Oh no. – in fact, such a walk can be effective every day.


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