Monika’s friend – erotic flirting

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Monika’s friend – erotic flirting.

When my longtime friend asked to stay with me during the renovation of her house. Of course, I gladly agreed. Despite the small apartment, in the end I will have someone to watch a good movie in the evening or drink wine from time to time. Monika was about thirty, she was a nice girl, but quite crazy. Our buddies most often came down to my help in her various minor or major problems, and every so often we relaxed over a bottle of wine or two and that’s it.

We were never intimate relationships, although sometimes an erotic atmosphere circulated at our wine meetings.

I prepared my bedroom for her and I decided to sleep in the living room, moreover, I didn’t use the bedroom very often, almost all the time there was a fold-out sofa opposite the TV, which I used to sleep. I liked watching movies late into the night and falling asleep in the living room because I only had time late in the evening.

Little Relax
For the first week we hardly saw each other. I was engrossed in work, she also had a difficult period at work. Finally Friday came, Monika barely entered the house with a smile, she took out two wines.

– A little relaxation? She asked

– Gladly, I even thought about it today. – I replied truthfully, because I was thinking about it.

– Well that’s great, I’ll take a shower, eat something and you look for a movie for us.

I was browsing the entire repertoires of Netflix and HBO, but I could not decide on anything interesting, we had different tastes, so it was difficult to choose something, and both sides would have fun.

After about 20 minutes, Monika entered the living room with a bottle of wine and two glasses. She was wearing a T-shirt and shorts, just like me, because I also most often watch movies in my bed in shorts and a T-shirt and go to sleep right away.

Monika lay down in bed on the left side and I opened the wine and poured us a glass full.

– What did you choose?

– Nothing yet, I don’t know what movie you want to watch.

– Maybe comedies?

– Ok

After a few minutes of flying around HBO’s offerings, I found comedy that looked pretty cool, at least from the description.

I fired up the film and Monika took over the role of refilling our glasses, and at a fairly fast pace. She gently urged me as I drank more slowly.

– You want to get me drunk? – I joked

– Yes, get drunk and use in different ways. She replied laughing

After 20 minutes of the movie, neither of us almost laughed, we were in a good mood, but rather thanks to our company and the wine we had drunk. Finally, I commented on the movie I was watching.

– What a bottom

– Well, I thought you wouldn’t say it anymore, maybe we can find something else to watch? – she suggested

Even though the film was poor, the wine did its job, we were more and more relaxed. I felt that Monika was lightly rubbing against me and my hand was lying on her thigh. It was nice and very intimate. Even though we did not exceed certain limits.

– So, what genre are we watching, what should I look for? – I asked

– Maybe an erotic? – She said cheerfully after a while adding:

– I was joking.

However, I liked the idea and I didn’t know if she was joking or just ashamed to admit that she wanted such a film. Recently, I was browsing the list of the most erotic films of recent years, I quickly found one of them “Love” from 2015. So I let him go. Monika did not protest, because in fact she probably wanted to be erotic.

The very first scene showed that it is a strong erotic, despite the fact that it is a film presented in Cannes. We watched the scene in silence, there is nothing to hide it was a scene that differed little from porn.

Our bodies seemed to come closer to each other, in the end I pulled Monika’s leg up against me and her thigh landed on my crotch. I felt that I was standing up, she must have felt it too, but she didn’t slide her legs off me. We watched the movie in silence as if nothing had happened. After a long moment, her thigh began to rub against my cock rhythmically.

Monika changed her position slightly, putting her head on my chest. I moved my hand slightly upwards, it was still on Monika’s thigh, but my thumb was touching her crotch. She pressed her body harder against me until my hand slipped between her thighs. We were still watching the movie, but I already saw that today it will not end with watching the movie.

I started to gently massage her pussy through her shorts, I felt her pussy for the first time. She slipped her leg off my crotch, as if laying her hand limply in the vicinity of my abdomen. After a while, she changed the position of her hand slightly and I felt her fingers on my cock.

I took my hand off her pussy, but only for a moment to put it in her shorts. Her slit was warm and wet, my fingers slightly parted her labia and one of them slipped inside her. Monika was not idle, she had her hand in my shorts, wrapping it around my dick and moving it slightly.

When we saw the next sex scene in the movie, Monika leaned towards my cock, I felt her pull it out of her pants and after a while I felt that she was taking it to her mouth.

She sucked me gently as if uncertainly, I breathed louder and louder with excitement, I slipped another finger into her and I was fingering her faster and deeper. Monika sucked me boldly and more and more often my dick disappeared all over her mouth.

“Put me in.” she said, pausing for a moment in the blowjob.

I quickly took off all her clothes and so did it, now it got even more pleasant. She had quite large breasts and her nipples were sticking out strongly, I caressed them with my tongue for a moment, and after a moment of caressing, she turned her back to me, pushing her ass in my direction.

I gripped her hips tightly, looking at both apathetic holes, she was so wet that my dick entered right away without much trouble. Holding her tight, I started fucking her, my movements were instantly violent and deep. I felt that this was what he expected. I fucked her for long minutes and she was pushing her ass to my hips harder and harder as if she wanted to feel it deeper. I started massaging her other hole without stopping fucking, she didn’t protest. Finally it was time for a change, she pushed me lightly onto the bed, suggesting that I go to bed. She sat on top of me by putting on my cock, she was turned and leaned towards my legs.

She was rhythmically sitting on me and I could watch my penis penetrate it. She was doing it faster and faster, she was stuffing herself on my cock and I was trying to lift my hips to penetrate her even deeper. Her movements and loud breathing indicated that she was probably coming and that’s what it was after a while she slipped off me with a smile on her face. However, she was not selfish, looking straight into my eyes, she reached for my dick with her mouth and greedily began to suck and suck it, so in the end I also shot the sperm was famous in her mouth, some semen went straight into her mouth. However, she did not stop, she licked my semen from the dick, which she was still beating rhythmically for a while.

When we finished, we lay naked and cuddled for a long moment in silence.

Finally she spoke first.

– Can we do it again?

– I’d love to even tomorrow. – I replied because I felt that each next sex between us will be even better.

– Tomorrow, the best we can do is talk on the phone, because I’m going on a business trip and I’ll be sleeping in a hotel.

– Hmm phone sex? Do you like such things?

– I like everything, and we can fantasize what we will do next time and then …

– What’s later?

“We will,” she replied with a smile

“I like it,” I concluded

– So let’s go to sleep, can I be naked?

– Sure. I replied with a smile and covered us with the duvet.

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