Sex in the toilet.

Sex in the toilet.

Sex in the toilet. I made an appointment with my partner for dinner at a restaurant near my work. I could afford an hour break, and he also had a moment of respite. From the morning I was in a bad mood and I wanted to somehow improve my mood. Marcel was somehow not talkative. We ordered dinner and looked towards the kitchen door. A waiter showed up with our dinner. We ate practically without words, I was wondering for what purpose we made an appointment, if it is what …

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The second chocolate hole


Erotic story: the second chocolate hole Anyone who begins sexual intercourse is so fascinated by its charms that if he could, he would have had sex all the time. And it doesn’t matter if you are a boy or a girl. The world of eroticism is so new, fascinating and pleasant that, regardless of gender, we want to explore its secrets, getting to know our bodies and their reactions to various stimuli. It was no different with Sarah and me. Although I was already a very experienced lover, the happiness …

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A fucker, a mother and her daughters


Erotic story: a fucker, a mother and her daughters They appointed a beautiful Center in Białowieża for us. I was even very happy, because it is a beautiful area, although terribly far away. I decided to go in my car and on Thursday morning I was ready to go. It was May and everything around was blooming with wonderful greenery and I wanted to fuck more and more. Actually, spring is such a time of the year that I could do it all the time, several times a day, at …

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Cafe toilet

Cafe toilet

Cafe toiletIllustrated sex stories We always wanted to have sex with a friend in various places, even in public. However, we mostly talked about it than we realized it, in fact, I was always chickening. But in the end Sandra pressed me and I had no choice. To reassure me, she suggested a toilet in the cafe where her friend worked. When someone comes in, we’ll get out of it somehow with the help of a friend, so that there will be no scandal. – she argued. The cafe was …

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First time anal sex

First time anal sex

First time anal story They were a harmonious couple who liked new adventures and good sex. They valued intimacy very much. They often organized private evenings and mornings. They made sure that no one disturbed their peace and plans. They went through a lot so they enjoyed life and themselves. Every day they discovered their secrets and desires. They did not want their relationship to overcome ordinary everyday life, constant problems and the pursuit of success. The latter was something they both couldn’t complain about. Each year is a …

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