Vacation and anal sex for the first time

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Vacation and anal sex for the first time.

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Upon arrival we checked in and took the key to our apartment. The hotel was quite nice, the rooms were tidy, but the most beautiful was the bathroom. Spacious with a large bathtub. The trip didn’t tire us too much, so we freshened up a bit and went to eat dinner. I was hungry and I ate everything we ordered with great appetite. We drank a glass of wine for better digestion.

After a hearty dinner, we headed to the beach. I did not want to go straight to the room, you have to burn the calories eaten. We walked along the beach enjoying the blissful peace. I don’t even know when we got to our hotel. I booked a bath first. I took my cosmetics and headed to the bathroom.

The next minutes passed, and I was relaxing in the bathroom (spa day) – epilation, peeling, mask. Finally time for yourself. After beauty treatments, a relaxing bath with rose oil. Karol couldn’t wait for me to finish, so he went into the bathroom worriedly.

– What a beautiful smell. When you are done?
– You can wash my back.
– With great pleasure.

With great tenderness, he began to soap my body and, of course, not only my back. I lay down comfortably and closed my eyes, Karol drove the washcloth over my firm breasts, stomach and thighs. I felt his hand between my legs, pushing his fingers into my slit. I spread my legs wider for him to be more comfortable and for me to be more comfortable. He would put his finger on once, once and twice, sometimes twice at once. With his other hand he was taking care of my foam-covered breasts. The nipples protruded with excitement, he circled around them, brushing them occasionally.

Without saying anything, he quickly undressed and climbed into the bathtub. He immediately returned to caressing. The fingers nimbly pamper my hot pussy. The minutes passed and I melted in caresses. After this little encouragement, he pulled me to him and impaled me on a protruding cock. I felt so good that I didn’t even open my eyes. I was going up, then loading myself deeper.

After a delightful dressage, we left the tub to change position. I leaned over and leaned against the bathtub, Karol slipped my dick into the unfastened slit. The next minutes were moving me rhythmically, but we both felt like new sensations. He put his fingers in the tub and then pressed one of them into my anus. I did not object, it was new to me. He moved me around and gently massaged the inside of the second hole. There was lubricant on the cupboard, he didn’t even have to come out of me to reach it. He pulled his finger out of the anus and poured a few drops of liquid inside, reinserted the finger. After a short time he added more drops and added a second finger. His movements became much bolder and faster.

He took his cock out of his pussy, poured lubricant over it, and slipped it into his anus. He entered without much resistance, which surprised us. I was very relaxed. He started slowly and shallowly, but he quickly picked up the pace, he hit the end, I could feel his testicles against my buttocks. I felt a slight resistance and a slight pain, but Karol took care of it immediately. He put his fingers in his pussy and began to massage her. I relaxed again, I didn’t feel any pain anymore, it was just pleasure. It was our first anal sex. He sped up again, he didn’t seem to be looking at my sensations anymore, he fucked me sharply squeezing my breasts from time to time. He did it quite abruptly. I knew he wouldn’t be able to hold on like this for a long time.

He slid three fingers into my pussy and pushed them over me while the cock continued to penetrate my anus. With the other hand he was massaging his breasts alternately. Slow bliss took over my body. Pussy got even wetter, moans escaped from my mouth. He slowed down and accelerated until my body “trembled”, I had a wonderful orgasm. When I was finishing Karol shot, it intensified my sensations. He pushed me for a moment more before he pulled his cock. Remnant sperm ran down my buttocks. We entered the bathtub again.

– It was very enjoyable. Do you want to do it again sometime?
– Very gladly, but we can add something else.

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