My first cuckold

My first cuckold

When I met new friends Weronika and Michał through my friend, they seemed a bit strange to me. At least that was my feeling, not that they didn’t like me, on the contrary, I immediately became their favourite at weekend meetings. I was often invited to them and I used them the most. The strange thing was that Weronika was clearly flying at me and throwing an erotic joke or a dirty remark at me from time to time. I understand that flirting in this form is permissible, she did not cross any boundaries here, but she did it in front of her husband, who was clearly amused by these situations.

Moreover, he often provoked my wife to more and more acute erotic innuendo, and she, at the urging of my husband, accosted me in a more and more piquant way. After some time I got used to it and treated it as their common quirk, but most often I only smiled at the taunts, did not comment on the provocation, and I did not provoke myself. They looked like a well-knit marriage so I didn’t want to start such games, you never know which direction it will go.

On a Friday night, when I was alone with them and the alcohol hit each of us hard, they became more and more intense and bold. I, too, lost control of my language and began to respond no less provocatively.

  • You just keep talking and talking and you do nothing … – said Michał looking at Weronika after her text “that he will do a Loda to me one day”.
  • Well, Michał is right, you keep telling stories and do nothing what you fabulist or what? I said laughing.
  • Fabulous writer – Michał laughed good.
  • I can see, gentlemen, that you want to have a cuckold – said Weronika looking at us with certain eyes.
  • Cuckold? What is Cuckold? He’s about to hit the net. – Saying this I reached for the phone.
    Weronika and Michał fell silent watching me as I read what it was.
  • Hmm …
  • And what do you already know what it is? Michael asked.
    -Well … did you know?
  • Of course, we like to watch porn movies with this topic.
  • Cuckold porn videos?
  • Well … Exciting, although Veronica was reluctant.
  • And you do not?
  • Come on! Such topics turn me on and you?
  • Me? I don’t think it turns me on to have someone fuck my chick in front of me.
  • It’s not that, would you fuck someone else’s … Got it?
  • Oh, you know, if a man and his woman would like it, I would probably dare to have my first cuckold. It’s a bit twisted, but there could be something to it. I laughed out loud.
  • So you agree? – Weronika asked.
    I looked at her in surprise and finally understood what this conversation was leading to. However, I wanted to be sure, because maybe I am misunderstanding the situation.
  • What should I agree to?
  • For sex with me in front of Michał.
    I looked at Michał with questioning eyes.
  • Tomek is my idea, not hers.
  • When do you want to do this?
  • Now, I don’t know if there will be sex, I’ve never done it, but let’s have a little fun and we’ll see what comes out of it. If we like it, we’ll repeat it again. Today it would be the first time for each of us.
  • Let’s have fun?
  • She will give you a blowjob as she still promises you … and if you want to, you will lick her too …. I don’t know, I will not impose.
  • And you?
  • I’ll be watching.
    The three of us were sitting on the couch, but Michał got up and moved to the armchair opposite. Probably to give us more space.
    I reached for my glass of wine and drained it in one motion. I looked at them saying:
  • It stays between us, okay?
  • We wanted to ask you the same. Weronika replied and then sat down next to me rubbing her body against my body.
    Weronika was attractive and always dressed in sexy clothes, young before thirty, slim and with very protruding, firm breasts. Probably her form was influenced by the fact that she never had children. I even enjoyed fantasizing about her once or twice, but in my life I wouldn’t have expected that I could possess her.
    Michał, with a drink in his hand, watched his wife’s pursuit of me. It started with gentle kisses until I finally felt her hand on my crotch. After a while, she efficiently unbuttoned my pants and pulled my dick out.
    I looked at Michał discreetly, he was watching this scene with visible excitement.
    Veronica reached with her mouth to the cock that was barely drawn from my pants.
    -Mmmm – she purred looking at her husband and after a while my dick was already in her mouth. I closed my eyes slightly, savoring the pleasure flowing from my crotch.

However, after a few minutes she stopped playing with my dick, got up and, looking at me, she said.

  • Undress and go to the bedroom. I started to take off my clothes and after a while I was naked. Weronika also stripped naked, grabbed my hand and dragged me to their bedroom. In the end I saw I was all naked, she was a really beautiful woman.
    Michał rose from the chair and took it in his hand, carrying the chair behind us to the bedroom. He sat down near the bed looking at us excitedly. You could see from the bulge in his pants that he was very excited.
    Weronika jumped on the bed and pushed her ass up towards me and her head was turned towards her husband. He was sitting very close, she could practically touch him if she wanted to.
    I got on the bed, my dick was mercilessly protruding and hard. He was taut and he didn’t need any stimulus anymore to get into Veronica’s pussy. I knelt on my knees behind her firm ass and reached for her pussy. She was so wet she didn’t need any foreplay, her juices were just pouring out of her cunt. I have never felt the juices of excitement oozing from a woman so much. I entered gently and my dick slipped inside her, plunging all the way. She had a pretty tight cunt, but she was so wet that fucking her was a real pleasure. It was tight, but I moved it easily. She immediately started to moan very loudly seeing her excitement and the pleasure we are giving myself I started to accelerate. I was stuffing my dick hard and faster. In the room, apart from moaning, you could hear the rhythmic sound of her buttocks bumping against my hips as the dick entered her interior.
    I don’t even know Weronika’s hand when it found itself on Michał’s knee, squeezing it tightly. The more she moaned, the tighter she squeezed his knee while looking him straight in the eyes.
  • Come on in me! She exclaimed.
    And it’s good that I heard it, because I didn’t know how long I would be able to control my excitement.
    My cum squirted into her pussy practically right after those words. I drenched her for the next few, increasingly weaker, thrusts. When I finished I looked at Michał, he was sitting slightly sweaty as if in shock and a wet stain appeared on his pants. Apparently it turned him on so much that he cum down his pants.
    When we finished and started dressing, a smile appeared on their faces. After a while it turned into a loud laugh.
  • Thanks, it was really wonderful. – said Weronika and Michał nodded his head.
    And this is what my first cuckold looked like, which I repeated with them a few more times. He was getting bolder and more perverse, but about that maybe another time …

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