Life can surprise part.2

Life can surprise

Life can surprise part.2 A few days have passed since the unexpected sex with Kaśka. She wasn’t quite comfortable with the unfortunate ending to our sex and arranged to have sex again. Well, and how is Kaśka … She made an appointment, reminded about it a few times, even wrote a text message the day before the meeting: “Tomorrow we will make love” and… She didn’t show up I accepted it quite well, because it was not the first time she did not keep her word, on the contrary, you can say that it was her leading character trait. I …

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Life can surprise – sex with a friend.

Life can surprise – sex with a friend -part 1. Sex Story in episodes 2023. latest sex stories written in 2023

Life can surprise – sex with a friend. part 1 Life has taught me one thing: it can always surprise me. That’s exactly what happened this time. A friend visited me one Saturday evening. More than once he dropped inlike that, although  she promised to drop in more times than she actually did. However, when she fell in, it was difficult to be bored with her, we talked, drank wine and watched movies or browsed the Internet together. Of course, in her visits there was always a second bottom, she usually had some business to me, smallor largery in whichI …

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