Life can surprise part.2

Life can surprise part.2

A few days have passed since the unexpected sex with Kaśka. She wasn’t quite comfortable with the unfortunate ending to our sex and arranged to have sex again. Well, and how is Kaśka … She made an appointment, reminded about it a few times, even wrote a text message the day before the meeting: “Tomorrow we will make love” and… She didn’t show up

I accepted it quite well, because it was not the first time she did not keep her word, on the contrary, you can say that it was her leading character trait. I was, but deep down I still felt like that’s how he was going to behave.

I decided not to talk to her, but she is not one of those people who so easily give up a relationship that may be useful to her one day. I didn’t write nicely now, but there is a lot of truth in it. I know she liked me very much, but she had such character and so much and she liked people useful to her.

She suggested meeting with me again, I bet that it would be about 50 out of 50 percent, but it turned out that she showed up with a lot of alcohol.

My anger passed, we sat there talking about everything and nothing and I kept thinking “I wish she was different”.

I played the music, we started rubbing against each other. She, with her bottom stretched out to the rhythm of the music, began to rub against my crotch.  I reached my hand into her pants button, unbuttoned it, and stuck my hand in her panties. She didn’t object, so I started massaging her pussy and then stuck my finger in her bottom.

I thought she would protest, but apparently she liked it. And again I had this thought, it is probably different in sex than it pretends. I wanted her to crouch down and take it in my mouth, but she protested. Her expression indicated that she was ashamed. So again her blockage, but I did not give up, she sat on the bed and I put her cock to her mouth, she took it like she had little experience with it. However, I decided to break it a bit, I moved higher, and my testicles were at the level of her face.

She looked at me with a smile and feigned shyness and began to lick my testicles with her tongue, returning to my cock every now and then. I think she liked this licking better. She lay down on the bed and I started licking her pussy, but also around her second hole. I walked into it after a while, fucking her a few minutes. We were already really drunk, too much for my taste, but we had fun for maybe 30 minutes which did not delight me. At one point, she unhooked her ass so that I could get into her from behind, and I first started licking her ass, taking care of both holes. I think she liked it. After this oral sex, I entered her from behind, fucking her pussy while teasing her other nostril with my finger. Kaśka stopped these games wanting to take care of me. I lay down on my back and she took the cock in her hand, shaking it on me, but we weren’t in tune, so it didn’t go perfectly, and finally I took the cock in my hand and lowered myself, soiling her sperm on her body.

We fell asleep very quickly after that, but in the morning I felt that the sheet was too wet for our night frolic.

Sometimes I let go of the pee during sex,” she said, probably a little embarrassed. I just smiled without saying anything, because it didn’t bother me at all.

What happened next? Long, long nothing. She went back to her guy again, and I decided to cut off contact with her completely. I was embarrassed by her actions, and despite my sympathy for her, I decided not to continue this acquaintance. However, never say “never” and our paths crossed again, but that’s in the next part of this sex story.

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