Life can surprise – sex with a friend.

Life can surprise – sex with a friend.

part 1

Life has taught me one thing: it can always surprise me. That’s exactly what happened this time. A friend visited me one Saturday evening. More than once he dropped inlike that, although  she promised to drop in more times than she actually did.

However, when she fell in, it was difficult to be bored with her, we talked, drank wine and watched movies or browsed the Internet together. Of course, in her visits there was always a second bottom, she usually had some business to me, smallor largery in whichI could help her. I got used to it, so it didn’t even bother me.

That’s why when she showed up, I joked to her to tell her right away what I could help with. It was funny that I provoked her with this issue several times and each time she was indignantly denied it until finally, after a longer or shorter time, she asked me for something.  She was heavily “shot” so I could either adopt her behavior but just avoid her. However, I liked her too much to give up her acquaintance because of her “cunning”.  I had to stick to only two rules: remember that I always want something, and the second rule to remember that if you ask for something, it probably won’t help you despite offering help, because it’s just oils.  But  she knew she  was doing wrong, so she tried to make up for it with gifts.  I preferred her to keep her word, and she preferred to pay for an expensive gift, which I usually did not want to accept and which was supposed to compensate for her behavior

Therefore, despite the long acquaintance, I called her a colleague and not a friend, but she called me a friend. In a way , rightly so, because I always helped her as much as I could and I knew that I would burn myself more than once on this acquaintance.

This time it seemed that the reason for her visit was to relax rather than make a request. She left her boyfriend for the hundredth time, about which anecdotes circulated among family and friends, because she was a master in it. There were a lot of returns and breakups like in some harlequinand each was the last and the last one.

We drank a lot and sitting with Kaśka at the computer, I don’t even know when we entered the topic of taking care of the body and the gym. I practiced a little, admittedly not as much as I used to, but Kaśka liked my chest. Besides, she never hid that she thought I was an attractive man. So that evening Kaśka put her hand under my shirt and erased my cage, which was quite pleasant. Then I asked if I could touch her breasts. She had a nice large breasts, which many men liked, but also women. Agreed. So I put my hand under her bra, groping her breasts and then her nipples, which started to harden. Then she stopped my groping, saying that it would be enough.

We went back to talking and browsing the internet as if nothing had happened. A few minutes passed when Kaśka started to complain about stress so I offered her a massage. She knew that sometimes I would do it to someone, so it seemed to me that my proposal was quite reasonable.

She agreed by lying on the bed in her clothes, jeans and a T-shirt. It was a rather strange massage outfit, but if she wanted to, I didn’t mind. I barely touched her calf, which she had tightly tensed Kaśka got up and literally in a moment stripped naked, exposing her ass towards me. No less quickly as she did, I took my clothes, grabbed her hips, and stepped into her from behind. I knew that from behind it was her favorite position once during conversations she told me that herself. I fucked her holding tightly by her firm ass, after a while she asked me to lick her. She spread her legs and my head landed between her thighs, I licked her for a long time before going back to her from behind. She had a surprisingly narrow stomata, which made her very happy, but I also wanted some oral sex. So I pointed the cock in  her mouth, for a moment she objected as if embarrassed, and finally she took it in her mouth for a moment. Kaśka looked in this sex that she was not herself, that she pretended to be someone other than she really is, she was tense, artificial and distanced. And when she finished having an orgasm, she just left me unsatisfied with a sore lower abdomen and fell asleep naked next to me. I slept little, I was not delighted that this time she acted towards me in sex. However, it seemed to me that it was not quite her, something was wrong with me here. I felt like she was playing someone else, but I found out about it much later, even years later.

End part 1


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