A fucker, a mother and her daughters

Erotic story: a fucker, a mother and her daughters

They appointed a beautiful Center in Białowieża for us. I was even very happy, because it is a beautiful area, although terribly far away. I decided to go in my car and on Thursday morning I was ready to go. It was May and everything around was blooming with wonderful greenery and I wanted to fuck more and more. Actually, spring is such a time of the year that I could do it all the time, several times a day, at least for half an hour.

Maybe I’ll introduce myself. My name is Mariusz and I am currently 35 years old. I am quite tall 188 cm and heavily built 90 kg with very little fat. I am already slightly graying and due to the high amount of testosterone I have quite advanced baldness. I have been divorced for five years. Well the difference in sexual needs. My ex-wife needed gentle sex once a week and I could fuck, as I wrote, a dozen times, very hard and long. Anyway, I do it at will now, and this with my colleagues from work, and this with torn women on dating websites, and this with young girls who like older men. Nature has endowed me with quite a large body, and also strongly bent upwards.

At the request of one of my friends, I didn’t shave its area. Besides, I noticed that the young girls liked me a bit overgrown there. I loved fucking young girls. They made an ice cream perfectly and were so sweet and aromatic. Maybe they didn’t know techniques such as older moves, but they were tight until the end and they experienced their orgasms so well. I fucked my cousin for the first time when I was 16. To make it more interesting, she was no longer virtuous, because she was first sharply fucked by her much older neighbor. Despite this, it was perfectly tight and although my dick was much smaller then and especially thinner, it was only the third time, because the first was very short, I was able to put a whole dick into her. It was over twenty years ago, though, and now I recently fucked her teenage daughter hard, who was Magda’s age when we fucked for the first time. Wiki probably inherited from my mother’s excellent blowjob skills and almost half of my dick disappeared in her mouth, so that I could feel the tip of the tonsil and she choked, and the saliva flowed profusely from her lovely mouth. Again, the first time I could only enter her with half of my weapon, but in the morning, when I fucked her for the fifth time, all over twenty cm of flesh was inside her and she was screaming and experiencing orgasms.

It was Friday in May and the weather was going to be wonderful. I packed my old Opel and started my journey at 6 am. I had to drive almost 350 km, which I knew should take about four hours. Suddenly, maybe a kilometer behind Hajnówka, my car started to suffocate and after several dozen meters it stopped completely. Sawing it with a starter was for nothing, he did not start and that’s it. I called an ambulance service, which came after about an hour. The mechanic buried something inside and still couldn’t fire. We even tried to drag him on, and to no avail.

– You know what? My sister lives nearby. Maybe you will wait a few hours with her and I will take the car on a tow truck to the workshop and see what can be with this engine. When it’s ready, I will call you and you will get to Hajnówka – suggested a thirty-something man.

– Oki – I agreed and we drove the tow truck deep into the forest maybe about a kilometer.

The road ended in a rather neglected and poor farm, which consisted of a wooden hut still covered with straw, a small barn and a dilapidated barn. In front of the cottage, however, there was a beautifully kept garden, with beautiful flowers and ornamental shrubs. In the middle of the lawn there was a blanket on which a real beauty lay and was absorbed in reading some book.

– This is my sister Maryla – the mechanic pointed to the lying woman who, as soon as she saw us, sat down on the blanket and put the book down.

She was really beautiful and she gave us a lovely smile.

– And who is my brother who brought to my humble thresholds? she said with that lovely Eastern accent I liked very much. – You have a car broken down on the road, which I have to take to the garage and I thought that maybe you can give him your tea or tincture, because the repair may take until the evening – the mechanic looked at my sister and she smiled even brighter and agreed immediately.

For my taste, she might have been 35. She was short, maybe just over five feet fifty, and rather small. However, the deep neckline of the shirt on the shoulders did not completely cover her very firm and quite large tits. She had such a lovely smile and was so attractive that my cock began to harden and assume its combat readiness.

The mechanic went to his car – tow trucks and we were left alone. Marilla immediately jumped up from the blanket and went to the cottagesand I decided to look at what she was reading so much. Imagine my surprise when I read the title. It was “50 Shades of Gray”, an erotic book that I read a while ago and which, although with a very boring plot, contained extremely interesting, controversial and maybe a bit lengthy but exciting porn scenes. “Ah, then this is our lady Maryla” – I thought and again my dick let me know that it completely agrees with me

– I see you are interested in my literature? She said calmly, standing right behind me.

I spun around and then her tits brushed against my, maybe a little too big, belly.

– Oh yeah. I read it a few months ago and recently I was in the cinema for the whole trilogy. I am a bit surprised where the interests of such a beautiful person come from? – I asked a question casually.

– I will answer like a philosopher: everything that is human is not alien to me – Maryla put a large decanter on the blanket with some drink and next to it two large glasses on legs – I suggest that we drink a tincture on the ginseng root – she poured the liquid into the glasses and one of them she handed me with her charming smile.

– You are tempting like Adam’s Eve in paradise – now I also smiled and soaked my mouth in the drink.

The tincture was divine and quite strong. After the first glass, I stopped feeling the hardships of the ride. Maryla also smiled much more, which made me more and more attracted to me as a woman.

We lay on the blanket and talked about each other. I found out that just like I am divorced, her ex-husband just preferred alcohol to her, that he is an elementary school teacher – elementary school and finally that she has two teenage daughters, one seventeen and one sixteen.

– Where are they now? I asked casually, although the ginseng was already starting to work and I was more and more wanting to fuck my young housewife.

– After school, they were supposed to go to their grandmother and then to church because both of them have Confirmation this year and they have some rehearsal. We have it every three years, that’s why we have three years – she replied, lying on her back and bending her right leg at the knee.

She was wearing a boxer shorts and shorts and I already noticed her cute ass and nice tanned full thighs.

– How do you deal with your sexual needs? – I asked directly.

– Well, I have a problem with that, actually I haven’t done it for a long time. Somehow I can’t find the right guy – she replied honestly and as if she “burned the cancer” a little.

– You see, I got divorced because of very large differences in sex needs. For me, they were and are very large and my wife would like it only once a month – I told her looking at the reaction.

“Kiss me,” she suddenly whispered in my direction.

I moved closer and suddenly our lips closed in a passionate, affectionate and crazy kiss during which she embraced my back with her arms and ran her hands over them, getting closer to the waistband of my pants. She slipped her hands under him and I felt them against my buttocks. I did not owe her. I pulled my T-shirt out of my shorts and started to lift it up to finally reveal her lovely tits, which I immediately began to knead with my hand, grab my hardening nipples with my fingers and caress them like crazy. I started kissing her neck and breast, then sucked and licked alternately, already very excited tits. She took off her boxer completely and, slightly lifting her bottom, pulled her shorts together with her panties. I kissed her belly and stuck my tongue against the navel, while my hand stripped her of the remnants of her clothes. She, on the other hand, pulled my T-shirt off and through my pants she hugged my cock swollen with great need for sex. Then she unbuttoned the belt and button on her pants and began pulling them towards her knees. I helped her and after a while I was completely naked. She lifted her elbows and opened them firmly. Then I got my tongue to her cunt. She was very wet and her lenses ran down the dark hair of her never-shaved pimple. I slipped two fingers into her and then added a third one and began to penetrate deeply into her cunt. She moaned with pleasure, more and more ready for my dick’s visit. He entered at once whole and, without the slightest resistance, slipped perfectly into its hot interior. After a few minutes we changed position and now she was riding my dick on a rider. She did it perfectly. In addition to the fact that it rose strongly and fell with impetus, her bum was also making various movements. On top of that, she quickly entered an orgasm and let out groans testifying to it. We changed position again and now I was fucking her like a bitch and her cunt, apart from the high temperature, pulsed additionally arousing my dick. I felt that I was coming. I tore my dick out of her because I didn’t have a rubber band and she turned around and directed it to her mouth, bracing it. Powerful volleys of sperm she could barely swallow and when they stopped she took the softening dick into her mouth and sucked the remnants of semen.

– You know Marysia – I whispered in her ear as we lay shaves on the blanket – You were really perfect.

– Oh. I think I had a few orgasms thanks to you. What a long time ago it has not happened to me. Probably recently with our PE on an integration trip.

– So you don’t have a regular partner? I feigned surprise.

– If one happens, he is usually married and after a few meetings everything ends.

– And how are your daughters taking it?

– They certainly miss their dad, but Lucjan drank so much already that it didn’t go on like that.

– Or maybe they lack a man at home.

– I think so too.

We were now lying completely naked on the blanket, and we all gave ourselves over to our thoughts. At least I thought that maybe I would stay a little longer in these pages, that Maryla gives me what I really want and maybe even more I will find interesting girls to fuck.

As I lay there, I felt her tiny hand settle on my soft cock again. I felt him and I, and he was ready very quickly.

We were fucking in several positions now, and once again a powerful sperm of my cum landed in her throat.

Maryla finally gave me what I had been waiting for, probably from my first sex. However, time was passing quickly and at some point my newly met teacher started getting dressed in a hurry.

– Hurry up. My daughters are coming back in a moment and I would not like them to find us in this state – she threw her pants and pants in my direction and gave her her lovely smile again.

We barely had time to get dressed and both sisters and probably their friend stood by the gate.

All three with boobs barely showing through tight blouses but slightly round assholes.

– Mom. Can Kinga sleep with us in a tent today? – the highest of them probably did not notice me, because she asked quite bravely.

– These are my little daughters: Ania and Ola and their classmate in a flowery blouse – Maryla introduced me to the now very embarrassed girls and added – But you can see that we have a guest. Say hello nicely.

One by one they approached and introduced themselves by extending their hand.

Ania was the tallest of them and probably the oldest. It’s the one in the blue knitted blouse. However, I like Ola the most, dressed in a pink costume. Clearly the youngest of them but with such ragged eyes that could testify to her curiosity about the world and great flirtatiousness. Anyway, all three were extremely charming.

At the same time my phone rang.

– Hello. I have some sad news for you. The car won’t be ready until tomorrow around noon.

– And what happened?

– The high-voltage cables are gone and I have to remove them from the warehouse in Białystok.

– Well. I’ll have to take advantage of your sister’s hospitality tonight.

– I don’t think she’ll mind. She is exceptionally hospitable and kind.

– Oh yeah … Very hospitable and has excellent tinctures.

– So what? We will make an agreement that when the car is ready, I will call you.

– Oki. Only not in the morning because I like to sleep.

– Well. Well. Not earlier than 12.00.

After turning off the phone, I passed our conversation on to Maryla, and in her eyes I noticed a great deal of satisfaction rather than some embarrassment about the situation.

She sent me one of the couches in the girls’ room. Yes, for unrecognizer. The three of them were supposed to sleep in the tent.

There were no comforts in Marilla’s house. As a bathroom, there was a large tin bowl in the kitchen, and you had to go behind the farm building, where there was an old-style external toilet. I immediately remembered my childhood times and a similar situation with my grandmother, to whom I loved going on vacation.

They sat down with all five to dinner. Maryla, for the sake of the guest, fried two plates of pancakes.

– They are delicious – I praised and watched with satisfaction as the girls were eating.

After supper, the teenagers took their pajamas and wandered deeper into the orchard, to the edge of the forest, where they had a pitched tent by a small pond and Maryla sat on my lap and waited for payment for a lavish dinner. I kissed her passionately, which she immediately gave to me, also pushing her tongue into my mouth. I already knew that she was a wonderful lover with a very similar inexhaustible urge to fuck. I took her in my arms and carried her to the bed, where without any foreplay I broke into her hot and very hospitable cunt with my ever-ready dick. Every few minutes we changed positions and since it was once that day, we were fucking for almost an hour.

– Do you know. Tomorrow morning I have to go to school, because although it is a vacation, I am on duty – she said lying next to me completely naked – Only in a month I am completely free.

– This is when I will invite you to visit Płock – I suggested and was not refused.

Maryla only kissed me and, tired, she fell asleep against me.

I couldn’t sleep for a long time. I decided to take a walk and I don’t know why I chose the direction in which the girls drifted away.

This way I got to the shore of a small pond, the edges of which were overgrown with calamus on all sides and only about 10 m was free of this plant. It was getting dark, but it was still very warm. I sat on the shore and breaking dry sticks, I threw them into the water, indulging in the memories of intoxicating sex with Maryla.

Suddenly, as I looked at the water in thought, I saw that circles of water were spreading out from under the rushes. I worsened my hearing and then heard a soft splash. I looked more closely and saw girls’ pajamas lying on the edge. I leaned further and then I saw, standing knee-deep in the water, completely naked Kinga, a sixteen-year-old friend of Maryla’s daughters. She must have noticed me, too, because she was smiling hesitantly and crossing her arms on her still tiny tits. She looked lovely, so confused and completely unaware of what could happen now. Her tiny body was sprinkled with lake water, and it seemed even more alluring in the dim light of the twilight. I was also confused about this situation. I had already fucked such a teenager but she was much better developed and a bit older.

“Oh sorry,” I stammered, surprised. “But I didn’t know that I would find such a lovely nymph here,” I added, bending down and picking up her pajama bottoms.

– What…? What…? she stuttered. What are you doing here?

– Nothing. So I was passing by and I wanted to think for a moment and here is such a miracle.

I clearly saw that the girl was completely unaware of what a man was. It was evidenced by the fact that it covered still tiny tits and she was completely comfortable when it comes to the wonderful triangle, which with its tip was directed between her shapely thighs. She was teenagers and her womb was only covered with the fluff of hair that was taking on the color of color, and maybe that was why I wanted to kiss and lick it until it hurt.

– Why are you looking at me like that? she suddenly asked.

“Because you’re so cute,” I replied, and immediately felt my cock lift.

She slowly started to approach me, now she didn’t even cover the little pink nipples with the nipples hard in their center. I sat down next to her pajamas on the trunk, which was full of all around and decided to conduct a conversation so that I could at least lick her girlish puff and maybe visit his asshole with his cock.

– I heard that you are going to Confirmation this year? – I quit casually.

– Yes. Our whole class. This year I and Ola will be the middle-class ones, and Ania from the oldest group – she replied, sitting completely naked on her pajamas.

– Are you sure you learned about Paradise and about Adam and Eve?

– Yes. The catechist told us this story.

– And what? She probably told you that the devil disguised himself as a snake and tempted Eve to eat the apple, and she tempted Adam.

– That’s what you told us.

– And then God threw them out of Paradise?

– Yes.

– And you are sure you finished this?

– Yes. Then she talked about other things – I could sense the interest in her voice.

– You surely didn’t tell you what punishment God sent on Adam? – I continued.

– No. What is this punishment?

– As a punishment Adam attached the image of the serpent and told him to carry with him always.

– It must be Adam who suffered terribly.

– Yes. And since then, every man has such a snake attached and must suffer because of it.

– Do you have this devil too? Is this a terrible torment? she asked naively.

– It would be a torment if Eve and every woman were not equipped with burrows, into which the snake chased, loosened, spewed thick white liquid and is already quite polite until the next time.

– And you also have such a snake? she asked.

“Yes,” I replied, waiting for a reaction.

– Could I see him? little Kinga grew more and more curious.

– And you want it badly?

“Yeah … yeah …” she started clapping her hands.

I quickly took off my blouse and unbuttoned my pants. After a while I was only in panties, heavily stuffed by my sticking up dick. Finally, I got rid of them with a quick movement.

– Is that … Is that … – the little one grabbed her cheeks and opened her mouth wide and pointed at my cock flexing in front of her, in all its glory – This is the snake.

– Yeah baby. It just gives me a big problem, because see how stiff and hard it is.

I grabbed her wrist and pulled her hand over the erect dick.

– But doesn’t that snake bite? – She withdrew her hand lightly touching the delicate skin on the tip of the cock.

– No, honey. But when it is so stiff it bothers me terribly.

She pulled her hand out again and put her fingers around the penis just below the glans, the tip of which showed the first signs of my enormous excitement in the form of a large drop of mucus. My eyes swirled and the landscape began to blend into a colorful nonsense, only Kinga’s face was extremely serious.

– But we girls don’t have a snake like that? she asked seriously.

– Yeah baby. I already told you that you don’t have a snake, but you have minks in which the madman calms down and puts his head down.

– And I have such mink too?

– Yeah baby. It’s your asshole and squeak, ‘I replied, my voice slightly trembling with excitement.

– Yeah. But I have such tiny holes there and with I don’t know how he could get in there – she said it all so seriously that I already knew that in a moment I would be able to fuck her solidly.

– See, honey. Your holes stretch a lot. Crab what flows out of my snake. It is slippery and therefore helps Satan slide into your and other girls’ holes.

“It is sticky and slippery indeed.” She fingered my lenses and rubbed them between them.

– Additionally, you can lick him and make him drool and I will put my saliva on.

She pulled out her little tongue and began to lick my swollen dick like ice cream.

– Take it in your mouth too and suck it hard. He likes it a lot and he’ll spew more of this slippery liquid.

She eagerly started giving me a blowjob and I felt like in cloud nine.

– Oh yeah. Sweetheart. Just yeah … – I gasped with excitement and Kinga was dealing with my dick bolder and bolder, to the point that almost his half disappeared in her mouth.

I felt more and more excitement and did not want premature ejaculation, so I offered her that now I would prepare her mink with my tongue.

“Tell me what to do,” she said boldly.

– Lie on your back and spread your legs wide. Now lift your knees up so your feet are wide off the ground. When she did so, I quickly knelt down and after a while my head was between the girl’s thighs. I started to lick her little cipeczkę violently so that after a while it glowed from my saliva and maybe from her virgin lenses. I also licked her cocoa eye and I could feel how sensitive she is there. Every stroke of her tongue or finger across the fingerprint made her shudder and make soft moans.

– Oh, no one has ever done this to me before and it’s so nice and wonderful. Oh yeah … Do that … – she grunted as I put my tongue in her pussy and my middle finger in her asshole.

The finger entered quite easily and I felt it was clean. I decided to visit her asshole first and immediately put my index finger on the middle one. Now it was not so easy, but after a dozen or so finger movements inside her, the asshole got used to it and was quite eager to host drooling fingers.

– Is this the hole you want to let your snake in? she asked timidly.

– Yeah baby. And it may hurt a bit, although I will do it gently.

– So what should I do? She asked, rising on her elbows.

“I have the position you are in in my cell phone, on the wallpaper,” I whispered and took my cell phone out of my pants on the ground. On the wallpaper I had a cartoon with a girl that some guy is fucking from behind – Stand with your feet on this wide trunk and stick your butt out and I will slowly slide my snake into it.

This is what she did, faithfully imitating the girl in the drawing. I spat hard on my hands and spread the saliva all over my dick. I grabbed her hips with my hands and pressed the tip of the dick into the tight hole. I was pushing it forward harder and harder, at the same time pulling it towards myself with my hands.

– Ah … Aaa … It’s boooliiii … – She shouted when the peeled head slipped into her tight reel.

– It’s only like that for a moment. Until she’s all right in, I whispered and pressed hard on her girl’s bottom again.

My dick, though it was very slowly delving into her hot interior, and after a few minutes my abdomen touched her buttocks. – You see. The snake is already all in your hole and now it will loosen a bit – I said and started to fuck the girl’s tight asshole more and more, who was getting used to the presence of my dick in her more and more and the smooth surface of the pond was spreading softly clapping my belly and her thighs against her girl’s asshole . The signs of pain that could be felt in her behavior at first gave way to the enormous delight that a stiff dick inside a girl or woman gives. I was fucking her very hard and despite having my testicles empty of sperm before fucking the young teacher before, I suddenly felt a new batch of sperm roam in my stiff dick. I stuck hard into her asshole and suddenly I shot my sperm inside sharply. She groaned softly, feeling my salvo but still bravely unfastened her pupcię. A few more moves and the dick began to drop until it finally slipped out of the girl’s asshole.

– Oh, indeed. Your snake softens and lowers its head, she whispered, turning to me.

“He felt really good in your tight burrow,” I whispered and, straightening up, I began to enter the water.

She was right next to me and we splashed for a while, rubbing against each other with our hot bodies from the recent fucking.

– I have to quickly tell Ania and Ola how you can host a snake in a burrow so that it becomes soft and lowers its head like yours – she said, slightly nudging my dick’s hand – Can they also let him into their burrows?

– Yes. But not today, because it’s time to sleep and my snake was in their mother a few times today and now in you, my darling.

– But tomorrow he will visit my second burrow when Mrs. Maryla will go to school on duty.

– Let’s see if it will fit. It always slips a little easier into the asshole and has more space in it.

– Until tomorrow please, Mr. ana – Kinga slightly croaky step, leaving as if a little asshole went towards the tent. CDN. You can tell us what to do next.

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