My neighbor Monika

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My neighbor Monika

My neighbor Monika, like every weekend, came to me in the evening for coffee. However, this time everything turned out completely different.  She was dressed in a loose, summer dress with a fairly large neckline, and because she was without a bra, her bust was perfectly pinned. It was not too big, but it was very protruding. She had very short, thin shorts on her feet, which made you notice her gorgeously shaved legs.  She was obviously drunk, sat down on the couch and asked for coffee, which I quickly served her curiously. She has never been so laid back and even provocative in her behavior. She was sitting on the couch, and I had a real beauty in front of me.  The beautiful woman who was sitting next to me was holding a coffee mug in one hand and the other…  She touched her breasts, gently massaged her breasts.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My penis even wanted to jump out of my pants.  We sat there in silence for a while, until Monika finally spoke:

– Well, how do you like it?  Her voice could barely be heard, he said it softly, but there was excitement in her voice.

“A very nice and exciting sight,” I replied, trying to make my voice sound confident and firm.

– Then maybe I’ll let you touch me, huh? –She said.

“Very willingly,” I replied.    Then, slowly, very gently, she began to massage my crotch through the fabric of my pants.

“Please, now it’s my turn,” I encouraged her.


She moved closer, and looking at her, I slowly stuck my fingers under the dress.  I couldn’t believe what was happening. She massaged me through the fabric of my pants, and I touched her pussy, into which I slowly began to put my finger. She was fiendishly damp, her pawn dripping with juices. I knew I had to butcher her.  Monika took wonderful care of my cock, which she pulled out of my pants. I couldn’t help but moan as she caressed him with her hand. I felt that I could not stand it for long. Her fingers slid over my cock and eggs. I, on the other hand, dipped my fingers rhythmically into her pussy. I felt that ejaculation was approaching. Monika sensed it and stopped playing. “Stick in my ass,” he said,  provocatively and I thought I’d let myself down because of her words, but I controlled myself.

She got up from the sofa, took off her dress, and then stuck her ass out towards me. I walked up to her from behind and pointed my cock at her ass. She had such a wet groove from her juices and my massaging her pussy that my cock went into her ass without a problem. I started banging her, trying to get the cock as deep as possible into her ass. Monica gasped and moaned loudly.

-Whore! How big he is! – she finally shouted.

But she didn’t want me to interrupt the of her ass. Those were wonderful minutes when my cock fucked her ass.

But I knew it was time to stop smacking my neighbor’s ass. I slipped the cock out of her asshole and she grabbed it in her hand. I thought he wanted to knock me down at the end, but she put it in her mouth. She took it in her mouth and began to suck it like a lollipop and massage the testicles with her other hand. The cock disappeared into her mouth, but they also had quite nice. After a few minutes of, I felt myself coming. I pulled the cock out of her mouth and she looked at me and told me to lower myself on her face. The cock fired straight at her, and she began licking the sperm off her face with her tongue.  After that, we went to my bedroom. Monika reluctantly wiped the sperm from her mouth, but I could see that she would prefer not to.

We talked for a long time and finally fell asleep. In the morning I was awakened by the rays of the sun coming into the room. It was already day outside the window and the sun was warming mercilessly. I got out of bed and started getting dressed. My neighbor Monica wasn’t in bed, so I thought she had left at night. But I was wrong, Monika came out of the bathroom. She was in a short T-shirt that ended at her navel. She was without panties. -Hi. –She said.

–Hi. –Answered. -Can I make you breakfast? –Asked.

–With pleasure. –Answered.

It seemed like my neighbor was becoming more than just a friend from the stairwell.

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