Controlled betrayal, i.e. a perfect marriage.

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Controlled betrayal, i.e. a perfect marriage.

erotic story

When I moved into a new estate of single-family houses in a beautiful green setting, I met a rather peculiar couple, Tomek and Ewa. We exchanged a few courtesy visits over a glass of cognac or wine, but they were always quite strange due to their behavior.
Ewa openly flirted with me, which Tomasz could not miss, but he did not care at all, and even if he liked it. At first I was embarrassed and tried to distance myself from these advances as much as possible, but as I got used to them more I began to allow myself more. Most often, Ewa would sit on the couch with me and Tomek would sit separately on the other sofa opposite ours.
We discussed various topics in our conversations, Ewa referred to sex more than once, provoked by playing short porn films on her phone while sitting so close that she pressed her body against me. Her hand was then most often placed on my thigh, and sometimes it almost touched my fly. At first I pulled away a little, but after a while I started rubbing against her as well when she provoked her so.
She was a very pretty woman. She had beautiful skin with dark complexion, although as she claimed she did not go to the solarium, she was slim and had medium-sized breasts. For me it was the ideal of beauty, so I had a hard time controlling the excitement of her provocative behavior, but Tomek, her husband, was sitting opposite us. So what was I supposed to do? I kept my temper in check and tried not to throw myself at her and just not fuck her.
One of the summer weekends, we made an appointment quite early, Ewa invited me, saying that they had a proposal for me. I thought it was about some business, so I was intrigued with them even a few minutes before the agreed time. On the threshold, Adam greeted me with a bottle of beer, for such a heat it was the perfect drink. When we entered the living room, Ewa was already sitting in it, but I was a little surprised that there was no bench, on which there was always some snacks and alcohol. When Ewa saw me, she tapped her hand on the seat next to me so that I could sit next to her. She was very modestly dressed and sexy, but I didn’t think about it for a long time because I was intrigued by what they had to do with me. When we all sat down, Ewa moved very close with her phone, showing me a porn movie, not understanding what it was about, I looked at her finished. “You know what cuckolding is about sex?” She asked. No I replied still not understanding what was going on.

“It’s such a new fashion, a license to betray.” Adam replied joining the conversation.
I looked at him questioningly and he continued on. “I see you like my wife and you like her, so we want her – I emphasize we both want such a controlled betrayal.” He looked at me questioningly as he said it.

  • Should I make love to your wife? – I asked
  • Yes, here and now and with me.
    Eve nudged me with her elbow to make me look at the screen on which this type of porn movie was playing. The couple were fucking and on the armchair next to them sat as her husband could deduce.
    I did not know what to say, on the one hand, I felt honored that they chose me, and on the other, how should I have sex with someone, and not just anybody but the husband of the chick I am supposed to fuck?
  • So how? – Eve asked, putting her hand on my fly.
    I didn’t say anything because I was still thinking what to say, but my cock reacted to her touch, which she noticed immediately.
    -He agrees. – she said with a smile.
  • Will it not be bad for you? – I asked.
  • We are a perfect marriage with Tomasz, therefore we do everything for ourselves … You have nothing to worry about, I will not move to you. She replied with a smile.

Leaning over me, she began to kiss me, I did not move away, but for a moment I was passive, but after a while I took the initiative. I could no longer hold this tension and desire to have sex with Ewa. I took off my shirt and Ewa’s sweatshirt and I lay down on it, my hands began to touch her beautiful body, we got rid of our clothes very quickly and I walked into it lying down with my legs spread on the sofa.

I was driving my dick into her pussy very brutally, because I felt that it was just such sex. She moaned loudly with each thrust, glancing at her husband. I was fucking me like that for 15 minutes, feeling every corner of her body until she finally let him get off her.
When I did, she crouched on the floor with her head towards her husband and she stuck her ass out for me. I knew what she wanted, grabbed her hips and walked in from behind. She put her hands towards Tomasz, leaning on his legs. Tomasz watched it with calm and undisguised pleasure.

However, I did not look too closely at their “game” because I enjoyed fucking Ewa from behind too much. When I felt that I would have to finish soon, because I could not stand it anymore, I came out of her shooting sperm straight at her firm ass. The semen ran down the groove flowing down the other hole and the pussy. We got up and Ewa handed me a towel, I quickly dried myself and there was a slightly embarrassing silence.

  • – Thank you. – said Tomasz.
  • You’re welcome. – I said, adding, “The pleasure is mine.” and then everyone laughed out loud as if on command. All the embarrassment passed, I dressed quickly and we drank one more beer and we said goodbye like old friends.
  • It was strange, very strange. I told myself aloud on the way home.

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