Home visit – sex with the doctor

Home visit – sex with the doctor

Home visit - a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy.

Home visit – a sex story that I wrote to remind myself of this erotic adventure. I think a lot of women have this fantasy.

A cool autumn has begun. Despite my malaise, I pored over papers from my office. I was considering calling a doctor because I felt a growing fever.

The next day I felt even worse, I took my temperature. I had a high temperature of around 40 degrees Celsius, so I called a doctor. He showed up around 4pm and I was totally exhausted. The doorbell rang, so I went to open it with the last of my strength. Then I went to bed immediately.
The doctor was quite handsome, but I practically passed out. As if in a dream I felt a hand on my chest, then a chill on my back.
– Lungs clean. Please open your mouth!
I didn’t react, so he gently opened my mouth and looked to check my throat.
– You’re all fired up. Is there anyone who will take care of you?
I heard but didn’t have the strength to answer. I felt the stethoscope on my body again. I also felt the opening of my bra and its picture. He listened thoroughly to me.
– Lungs clear, but there is something in the bronchi.

I fell limp onto the high-stacked pillows. I was lying with my breasts exposed, on which the doctor’s hands were soon to be found. He put them there under the pretext of auscultation, it was all the same to me in this state. Unfortunately, my body reacted, my nipples hardened, which was noticed by the internist. He probably thought that I am a willing female and I will accept him willingly. Boldly he began to run his finger around the swollen nipples. After a while, he stopped. He pulled out medication from the medicine cabinet and handed them to me, and handed me a glass of cool water. I took the funds.

– Sister, please cancel my last visit, I won’t be able to get there. If necessary, I’ll be there around 8 p.m. or tomorrow morning. Please let me know.

My breasts were still outside. The doctor disappeared, only to return with damp, cool towels. He put them on my forehead and chest. I felt a pleasant chill, my nipples hardened instantly. On one of them my doctor’s warm lips appeared, I didn’t have the strength or inclination to argue, I didn’t even open my eyes. He caressed my breasts for a few minutes and then went to the bathroom to cool the towels again. This time I opened my eyes as he laid an icy towel over my chest. He immediately moved it a little higher, and I smiled and closed my eyes again. He took care of my breasts and the rest of my body.

He gently caressed my stomach, his hands unsteadily sliding under the bottom of my pajamas, they were shorts. I wasn’t wearing any panties. I felt my fingers on my clitoris, he was playing with it and my pussy was getting wet. It surprised me a bit that my body reacts to these caresses. When I sighed, the doctor slipped his hand more firmly between his thighs. He slid his finger into the pussy that was already profusely wet. My bum started to ripple, which turned Doc up. He took his hand off my chest and stripped from the waist down, continuing his fingertips to my already horny shell.

He placed my hand on his stiff cock while he took care of sliding my pants down and caressing my pussy. I gently moved my hand on his cock, but that wasn’t enough for him. He took the pillows from under my head, parted my mouth and slid it into my shaggy cock. He pushed me rhythmically in the mouth, a bit too deep because I was a little choking. His penis caressed my throat. I felt a few drops of semen.
– Brushing the throat. – He said it with satisfaction.

After that, he came back to my clitoris. His head was between my thighs. He parted his labia and ran his tongue over his clitoris. He poked his tongue deeper into my pussy, and I groaned. He stuck two fingers inside and licked at the same time. I began to writhe with pleasure. The doctor took it as permission and slipped his ample dick inside me. It was moving faster and deeper, and I was moaning much louder. I felt his cock fill my pussy, he pounded it all the way. He did not neglect my breasts, he kneaded them quite hard, but it gave me great pleasure. I was lethargic and never opened my eyes.

He rolled me over onto my stomach, but I couldn’t hold on to my arms, so he placed pillows on me so that my buttocks were raised. He stuck immediately to his cunt, which was stuck out as if inviting him. He slapped my buttock and I felt my fingers wet against the other hole. After a while, I had them in her. He fucked me faster and faster, and I was moaning louder, feeling him in both holes. My body was overwhelmed with pleasure, my body buckled even more, and he shot me with his hot sperm. He lay down on top of me and lay down until the cock was reduced in size.

He was mopping me with wet towels. He put a thermometer in my rectum and went to the bathroom himself. I heard him showering. He left, took out a thermometer and checked for fever.
– There is a little less, but still too much.
I opened my eyes, glanced at my watch, and administered another dose of medication. He was pulling pillows.
– Do you want to go to the bathroom?
– Yes.
I went to pee and take a shower. While I was taking it, my doctor came in. I was embarrassed, but he pretended not to see it. He helped me dry and put on fresh pajamas. He made a sandwich and a glass of juice. He put it all on the bedside table.
– I have to go out, but I’ll check in on you tonight, call you if you need to. You have my phone number on the table. I must say this is my best home visit.

He left and I fell asleep immediately …


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