Sex adventure at the seaside

Sex adventure at the seaside – a story

We went with a group of close and distant friends for a weekend spring trip to the seaside. There were 6 of us in total, including 2 girls whom I knew very little. But I liked Sandra of them, but I only exchanged a few sentences with her during the walks, because she mostly stayed close to Monika’s other girlfriend.

One of my friends suggested going out together for a beer at a nearby pub, which everyone agreed. The pub was quite nice and various types of beer, unknown to me, encouraged consumption, and not only me, each of us drank 3 small mugs of beer. Sandra was sitting next to me and it was she who imposed the greatest bluntness in filling the mugs, but she was fed up very quickly and decided to come back to the hotel. We didn’t want to let her go alone, even though the hotel was very close, so I offered to walk her away. When she got up, she swayed slightly, it was obvious that the amount of beer was a bit too much for her.
Coming out, she grabbed my arm and, talking about the types of beer we were drinking, we added to the hotel. When we stood in front of her room, Sandra approached me and it became very intimate and after a while we started kissing. After a long moment of passionate kisses, she suddenly turned her back to me, rubbing her bottom against my crotch, simultaneously opening the door to the room. I didn’t need a bigger invitation.

We both fell on the bed taking off each other’s clothes. Sandra started with my pants and before I could undress her to the end she was holding my dick in her hand, moving it rhythmically.
In the end, I also dealt with her clothes, I saw her shaved pussy that I immediately wanted to try. Seeing that I want to lick her, she stopped pounding my cock and spread her legs wide. My head was immediately between them. I started to lick her outside, teasing her labia with my tongue, and finally I dipped my tongue into her pussy. Sandra lay quietly indulging in pleasure and I penetrated her interior with a wet tongue, licking every bit of her crotch.
Eventually I lay down on her and we started kissing again. My cock was touching her pussy from the outside, but I wasn’t going into her, just my head was teasing her labia. I could feel the excitement building inside her so I finally got deep into her pussy. Rhythmically I pushed her hard, pressing my hips against her hips.

We fucked for so long minutes and then she straddled me. However, she did not sit front and back, I was now looking at her ass and the two holes that I had so close to my face that the excitement increased even more. She took my cock in her hand and shoved it up her pussy. She started to sit on me rhythmically, I watched with increasing excitement as my dick disappears in her pussy every now and then. She, leaning on my legs, was striking him with more and more commitment, I felt that she was about to have an orgasm. After a while, she stopped, stopping stuffing herself on my cock and sat on it motionless, but she started to moan softly and her body tightened very tightly. As soon as she finished, she slipped off me taking my dick in her mouth. She looked into my eyes while rubbing my dick on her cheek, it turned me on so much that I shot me straight at her face. She immediately took the cock in her mouth, sipping on any leftover sperm. For a moment her tongue played with the tip of my cock until she finally lay down next to me.
This is what I needed today,” she said with a smile, I said nothing, smiling to myself.

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