Dorota’s friend

Dorota’s friend – an erotic story for adults.

For many years I felt almost indestructible until one day, during standard medical examinations ordered by my company, some irregularities were detected in me. So I was referred to a private hospital where I was to spend 10 days. My girlfriend Dorota, even though it has been a few days, has not even visited me. Generally, no one visited me, and due to the connected equipment, I had limited possibilities to use the phone. So I had a right to feel a little lonely and abandoned.
It was just the sixth day of a lonely stay in the hospital when Eleanor, a close friend of Dorota, appeared in the door of my single room.
– How are you doing? – She asked cheerfully.
– Nothing, I’m lying and that’s it … – I replied irritated that she was visiting me and not my girlfriend.

Dorota's friend
– Dorota was at your place?
– No, she wasn’t …
-Ooo … and it was supposed to be …
– She just did. I replied angrily in my voice.
– But I am and I must be enough for you. She replied cheerfully.
We talked for a few minutes about insignificant matters, but I must admit that it relaxed me and my nervousness was gone. I even laughed a couple of times.
– What can I do for you? Can I bring you something? Maybe you are missing something? – She asked.
My sarcasm came back because I remembered again that Dorota hadn’t visited me, so I blurted out maliciously:
– I miss sex and my girlfriend somehow “got lost in action”. Can you do something about that too? I asked sarcastically.
– Well, I can’t offer you sex. – She replied after a moment of reflection, adding:
“At most I can knock your horse off.”
I looked at her surprised, I didn’t know if she was joking and screwing me up or was she serious.
– No one will even notice. She added looking around the empty room.
– What you want? – She asked.
– Are you pushing me?
– No, what do you understand that you have needs and here you lie alone and I can give you some pleasure with my hand.
– Ok. – I replied, still not knowing if he was screwing me.
She pulled a chair closer to the bed and, without any embarrassment, reached down to my crotch. The very offer of Dorota turned me on, and when I felt a warm hand on my panties, my cock was immediately erect. Dorota put her hand in my panties and gently wrapped her hand around my cock.
– As Dorota’s friend, I have to help you somehow. – He said smiling, simultaneously starting to move his hand rhythmically. She did it quite mechanically, as if she didn’t want to get too involved, but it didn’t bother me and I didn’t need much to ejaculate.
The sperm shot out in large numbers and I got the bedding and Eleanor’s hand dirty. But she did not stop jerking my dick still massaging it until it began to fall.
She wiped her hand on the towel lying on the bed and then wiped my cock with it. I barely had time to put on my panties and Dorota stood in the door of the room.
– Hello to you. She said cheerfully and looked a bit surprised at her friend.
– What are you doing here?
– I visited him because apparently you didn’t have time. So someone had to take care of him.
– Thanks. Dorothy replied.
– I’ll go away. Eleanor said as she headed for the door.
– Thank you, – I called to her.
– For what?
– For visiting. – I replied slightly abashed voice.
When Eleanor disappeared behind the door. Dorota sat down next to it, not on the bed, saying:
“Then maybe I’ll give you a blowjob at the beginning when nobody is there?”
– Why don’t we talk a little first? – I evaporated wanting to recover from the last ejaculation.
– Ok, what do you think, so how are you listening? She asked in a bored voice.

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