Women’s desires are still the same.

Women’s desires are still the same. What kind of man do women want?

Increasingly, women are lonely and disappointed. Men, on the other hand, are more and more often hesitant and withdrawn. Female self-sufficiency causes “anxiety” in men, they often feel unnecessary. The women prick and the men let go.
However, women’s desires have remained the same for many years. They dream of a tender, mentally mature, well-built man. It will be their support for a partner who will make the right decisions. The combination of strength and sensitivity. Is it possible? Yes, through the integration of opposites – animus and anim.
Much more often men make their way easier. They talk about equality and civilization – social progress. Unfortunately for me they mostly do it out of fear or comfort. Often you hear “there is equality”, progress has come, etc., these words can do a lot.
For the excuse of men, below are some examples of reasons for uncertainty, passivity and withdrawal:

1. Mothers. Excessive overprotection and helping the son as well as limiting him lead to the fact that there is no possibility of gaining experience and becoming independent.

2. Fathers. Very often nowadays there are cases:
– a father who uses violence
– father’s absence.
Neither of these situations is good. A man who does not want to be like his aggressive father is unable to firmly define his limits.
When there is no father, boys lack male role models.

3. Present. Today’s children lack freedom, are usually constantly monitored – no backyards, few extracurricular activities. Homework done under supervision. In such a situation, where and how future men are to learn independence, resourcefulness and responsibility.

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