Full body massage with ejaculation

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Full body massage with ejaculation – everyone should try it.

I sat at home feeling bored. There was nobody to fuck with. I had a girlfriend about a year ago. I’ve already put a limit on sex phone this month, so beating a horse with a nice lady was out of the question either. So maybe an erotic massage? I thought about how good an accountant’s limit was on phone sex spending.
Never tried but whatever. Massage and a beater for one price, it’s probably worth checking out this type of entertainment. I looked for it, did a little research on the net and made an appointment for a “full body massage” with a nice ending.

I was there 10 minutes early. Thirty about thirty opened the door for me. She led me to a small, tastefully furnished room with a massage table as the main furniture.
I was a bit embarrassed, which the masseuse immediately sensed. She asked what kind of massage I would like. When I confirmed that overall she made sure with a nice ending. After settling all the details, of course, she asked to be completely undressed. Of course, she also gave me a hint that I should lie on my stomach.

My masseuse, as it turned out, was Ola and she has been doing this type of massage for several years. At the moment of undressing, Ola left the “office”, only to come back after a while without the apron in which she greeted me at the door. She was dressed in a skimpy, sexy outfit but very tasteful. I was so fasted that the sight already excited me, so that she would not see it, I was embarrassed by my quick step and I went towards the massage table, lying on my stomach on it.

Ola came over, she poured some oil on my body and I felt her warm hands, which started to massage my neck. In the background I heard Asian music and the room smelled of delicate incense.
I thought it would be just skimming, but it turned out that Ola really is not only a specialist in “needlework”, but also in normal massage. My masseuse also entertained me with a conversation, from which I just found out that she is a certified masseuse.

Ola was massaging my back and neck intensively, and after a few minutes my legs and buttocks. I felt as if he was rubbing against my testicles. She did not avoid any places, and her hands gave me more and more pleasure and were more and more interested in my buttocks and penis.
Her hand reached under my abdomen. Finally, she suggested that I lie down on the back. I did it in a flash. My dick stuck out like a flagpole, and Ola gently grabbed it, squeezing the skin. After a while, she poured a large amount of oil on him. And bent over caressed my cock and my whole crotch.

Her hands didn’t neglect my testicles. She massaged her with great sensitivity and from time to time her hand went lower, touching my hole. As if by chance, but there were probably no cases in her massage. I closed my eyes and dissipated in pleasure. At one point I felt like she was holding my dick in her mouth, and I opened my eyes in amazement. However, it was not her lips, her hands plus the oil that made an amazing impression resembling a very nice blowjob.

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