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Willing female – erotic story

When my friend Kasia visited me without an announcement, I did not expect that this evening would turn out like this, but maybe from the beginning. When she rang the doorbell, I was a little surprised but also pleased that I wasn’t expecting guests that Friday evening. I drank a glass of wine and watched a crap comedy on HBO.

– I just popped in, can I come in? She asked.
– Yeah, I’m watching a movie great. I invited her in.
– Would you like some wine? – I asked.
– Sure, even gladly. What movie is this?
– I don’t know the title. It’s even a little funny. – I replied.
We sat rather silently sipping our wine, and the movie made us laugh every now and then. The first bottle was empty an hour later at the end of the movie.

I opened a new bottle and Kasia asked. – I can? Pointing at the remote control.
– Sure, find something nice. – I said, but in my mind I didn’t really want her to jump on the channels, because I had a few decoded porn channels and she didn’t know me from this side.
She was flying through the channels looking for a movie and I was watching her with interest, she was sitting in an airy dress, she looked very appetizing in it.

– Maybe this movie? “Seeing a triller on the screen,” I reacted.
– I’m looking for something more fun. – she said.
I saw that the porn channels were about to start, so I decided to anticipate her some surprise.
– It’s still erotic channels – I informed already a little indented, I added – pornol.
“So finally something interesting,” she replied.
– I did not know if she was joking or serious, despite the wine I had drunk, I felt embarrassed that she found me with such channels.
After a while, on the first of them we saw a girl working a guy’s chick.

For a while we watched in silence, sipping wine.
– Nimble has that tongue. – she said
Are you jerking off to those sewers? She asked.
I didn’t see what to say, the question struck me like lightning, but also excited me.
– Come on – I replied abashed.
– I took them accidentally. – I added quite stupidly.
“Sure,” she laughed out loud, you can see that she was already well inserted and the second bottle almost hit the bottom.
– I’m sure you shake yourself, I guess every guy does it and chicks like to finger each other too.
– And are you doing? – I asked aggressively.
– If there is no man I do, I like to touch my cunt. Anyway, guys are not satisfied with me and they are some effeminate. I like a dick that rules me, treats like a bitch and a whore in sex, but respects in life.
– So you like to be submissive? I asked, surprised by her honesty and directness.
– Submissive? Rather horny submissive like a bitch, fucked and fucked in every hole, that’s what’s gonna stress me out, I feel free even though I’m submissive then. I guess I would have done whatever a guy wanted, but they are fagots now, not guys.

– Why the fags? – I asked.
– Well, look even now, we are sitting together, we drank two wines and the porn is on, where they fuck, it’s a pity to look, and you what? Nothing – although I can see that your dick is standing.
I decided to be bolder, she obviously went for me and the whole male family.
– Then show me your pussy. I said quite hesitantly. “Then show me your pussy,” she repeated after me.
– What is this? Do you have flowers? Or chocolates and a serenade by the window? You didn’t understand anything or you don’t want to understand.
It was too much, she was making fun of me.
– Show your cunt, bitch! I said loud and firm.

Without a word, she picked up her dress and pulled back her panties. Her pussy was almost all shaved with a small stripe down the middle.
Now show your ass – I thought, but I quickly corrected myself and ordered loudly – Get out!
Without a word, she leaned against the armchair and, sliding down her panties, she unhooked her butt showing both holes. I walked over to her, pulled my dick, and a little angry for the criticism, shoved her dick brutally into her pussy.
Immediately hard and deep, but she was so wet that it did not make the slightest impression on her, he went all the way, I hit her in the ass with my hand and I fucked hard every now and then, slapping her on the protruding ass.
– You wanted that? I asked aloud.
“Don’t talk, just fuck me.” she replied.
She “put me out” again, but I could see why, she wanted to provoke me to more “aggression”.

I put my finger in the anus, he went all the way, she moaned slightly, I licked my fingers and rubbed against her sphincter and after a while I was already pushing her cock up her ass. Stick your ass out more – I ordered confidently – More bitch!
The cock went in all right and after a while I started pounding her ass, holding tight and digging my fingers into her hips. I was fucking hard, I was fucking her as deep as I could, she was moaning with delight.

– Move harder, bitch! Today you are my whore. Repeat!
“I’m your whore and bitch,” she repeated in a breathless voice. Merge into me. She whispered.
– I don’t want to cum just yet, I want to fuck you – I said, still pushing her.
Pee inside me – that’s what I wanted. Run off your ass. Please. – she added.

It surprised me. I’ve never done anything like this. Moving I couldn’t get a drop of urine out of me, I slowed down and after a while I started to pee, it was very nice, my urine was flowing inside her and when I finished and pulled my cock my piss flowed out of her and flooded her legs and floor. The cock was also wet and swollen in the urine.

– Get on your knees and suck your bitch. I said firmly.
She took the dick in her mouth and greedily sucked it, licked it, around her knees showed a strong stain from urine, which was still flowing from her for a while. After a while she took my eggs, licked and put them in her mouth, sucking them like candy. I turned and leaned forward, stuffing my butt out. I didn’t have to say anything right away she started to run her tongue along my groove, starting almost from the back and ending with the anus and eggs. So she circled her tongue for a long moment, licking every single piece of my back body.

After a while, however, she only took care of my hole, licking it and trying hard to push the tongue as deeply as possible, I felt her tongue piercing inside I felt it was time to finish.
I turned around and I shot the sperm right in her face, she started to run down her cheeks and chin and after a while she tried to lick whatever sperm was left on my cock. When she did, she asked for a towel.
– Don’t rub yourself. I said firmly I want to see the cum on your mouth.
She sat up obediently, looking very battered with spanking marks on her buttocks, her feet wet from urine, and the sperm drying on her mouth. Have a drink – I served a glass of wine

We drank like this for a long time in silence
– And what were you willing to do? – I asked.
“Yes,” she replied, not so sure.
– Are we going to shower? – I asked.
– Very willingly. – she smiled.
And just looked at the lounge we were doing this in the lounge with the light on and the curtains open. Well, it was a spectacle, I muttered under my breath.
– You think someone was watching? She asked.
– It was 100% like in the cinema. – I stated.
Great – she muttered under her breath smiling broadly.

Adult service

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