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Home sex line

My girlfriend was going through our phone bill and suddenly looked at me surprised:
– What is the amount on the $40 bill?
– Nothing… I bought some services.
– What services again? she asked curiously.
– I don’t remember … – I lied, hoping that he would finally let go.
– You don’t remember what services you spent $40 on?
I knew I had to tell the truth, because after the change in her tone of voice, I knew she wouldn’t let go, she was too inquisitive at times.
– All right, you know I like dirty talk in sex and you don’t necessarily, so…
– So what?
– Well … I wanted to see what it’s like to get dirty and I called the sex phone.
– what???
– Well, I called the sex line.
– I’m not talking about that! Just what you said earlier that I don’t like dirty talk!
– Well, you don’t like it.
– How do you know that?
– We’ve never had these conversations.
– Oh, okay, I’m going to the other room and you answer the phone.
– Approx.

After a while, I heard the phone ring, on which a picture of my girlfriend was displayed.
– Yes? I answered scared, not knowing what to expect.
– Would you like to have a cyberk with me, baby? she asked.
– I always feel like it. I replied submissively.
“Mm, because I want to pull your dick out of your pants, put my hand around it and start moving it until it stops.” You like that?
“I like it,” I replied excitedly.
“I would play with it for a few minutes until I finally put it in my mouth.” I love the taste of the cock in my mouth, its delicate skin and how warm it is …
After these words, I unconsciously pulled out my dick and started masturbating and she continued.
– Looking you straight in the eye, I would take your dick in my mouth, my hand at the time would massage your balls. Do you like to have massaged eggs?
– So…
“Every once in a while I’d take a break from blowjob and just lick the head of your dick looking at you and making sure you see exactly how I do it.”
– I’m so wet… when I think about your dick…
– Are you excited, kitty?
– Very.
– Do you jerk off?
– Yes
– I love to see a man jerk off. Will you cum for me?
– Yes.

– I wish you would squirt on my face, the cum would flow down my lips and I would lick it. How I like the taste of your semen…
After those words, I couldn’t stand it anymore. My girlfriend immediately sensed what had happened and hung up.
When she came back to the room I was wiping semen off my pants. I looked at her surprised and a little flustered.
– Did you like it? she asked in a suspiciously sweet voice
– Very darling.
– Well, I’ll have $40, please.
– what?
– You pay others for it, and you can, right?
– Don’t be silly.
“$40,” she said firmly.
I capitulated and asked if I could pay by bank transfer.
“Of course, honey,” she replied with a smile.
– I am a modern sex line girl.
– And one more thing, if you use sex phones again, you will remember me for the rest of your life, and now that I have earned it, I’m going for a coffee at Starbucks.
Well, I was cured from the services of the sex line, but I liked the home sex line very much😊


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