Hot neighbor

Hot neighbor. – sex story

Despite the evening time, the heat in the house was bothersome, the lack of air conditioning affected our well-being. I was tired and the night was going to be tropical. I knew I wouldn’t fall asleep, which didn’t make me feel any better. About 10 pm I heard the phone ring, rather nobody calls me at this time, unless something serious happened at work. I looked at the phone, the name on the phone surprised me, my neighbor Alice called. A young student girl whom I helped with minor home repairs. She was inviting me to her place I thought she was drunk from my voice. Alicja tended to avoid alcohol, so it was new to me. Knowing that I would not fall asleep, I decided to go to her, the shorts and the T-shirt I was wearing in were rather suitable for going out on such a hot evening next door. I knocked on the door and heard:

“Please come in”

I barely opened the door to see Alicja wearing only a sheer t-shirt and no panties. I stood surprised, not knowing if I had heard correctly to enter. However, Alice was not embarrassed, she smiled at the sight of me, and my gaze instinctively turned to her pussy, which she could not help noticing.
She invited me to sit down, there was a bottle of good alcohol on the table, already half empty. An ice drink was waiting for me, so I tasted a sip without taking my eyes from Alice, half-naked.

“You were supposed to come, so she put something on,” she said, pointing at the lace T-shirt.
“But you forgot about the panties,” I said with a smile
“I haven’t forgotten, I’m just so comfortable in the heat.”
“Anyway, look,” she added after a moment

Saying this, Alice stripped off her T-shirt, standing completely naked in front of me.
“Isn’t it better now,” she asked” I better replied excited – instead of cooling myself I felt hotter.
“Well, here for me,” she said
Alice was drunk, but not so much that she didn’t know what she was doing. She clearly provoked me to have sex, which was fine with me. She was lovely, graceful, eager and young, what else could you ask for? I walked over to her and we started kissing, I immediately felt her hand on my shorts.

“Undress,” she said

Of course, she didn’t have to say it twice, I quickly took off my clothes and my cock was standing full erection. She knelt in front of me rubbing her face against my cock. She took it in her mouth and began to lick it, she played with it for a few minutes until I finally got such a desire to lick her pussy that I stopped this nice fun. She understood immediately what I mean, she stuck her ass on the floor and I got my tongue to her pussy, licked it thoroughly and deeply, after a while we changed positions, because she wanted not only to feel, but also to watch her lick her pussy.
After a few minutes of wet licking, when my half of my face was in the juices of my hot neighbor, she took on my cock this time. She sucked perfectly, licking every bit of my cock, but I wanted more, I entered her on the floor with strong movements. I fucked her hard for many minutes, she was tough but we didn’t think about it.
When I was finally getting closer to the shot, Alice took my cock in her mouth and I reached my hand over her pussy. She licked me and I teased her hole. In the end, I fired my sperm all over her mouth. She was moaning and I thought she had come too.

We sat on the couch to relax, sex in such heat was a challenge. Alicja wiped her face on her T-shirt, when she finished she handed it to me to wipe my cock dripping with sperm. We sat naked, sipping drinks, cheerful and at ease. I already knew that I have a great neighbor with whom I will spend more than one evening.

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